Sunday, November 07, 2010

Of travels and travails

I like traveling long distances. I'm very much a homebody, but will quickly jump at the opportunity to travel beyond Greater Vancouver, or outside Metro Manila back when I was in the Philippines.

But I'm not a jet-setter. I don't travel in style. I haven't been on a cruise nor joined a package tour. I often travel on a shoestring budget. Even less.

From early on, during trips to my parents' or clan's hometowns and later through many work-related trips, I got used to roughing it. Many of my travels were actually travails on wheels. But for the love of traveling, I had learned not to complain or be finicky or have many qualms. I enjoyed the adventure. For me, the journey was as exciting as being at the destination. 

The rugged way of traveling, however, is not for everyone or for every trip or for every stage of life. It's not for every traveling companion either. There's no fun traveling with people who'd whine at the least discomfort. In that case, go first class not economy. You will still have a long memory of your journey, as long as it takes you to pay off your credit card bills. And that's a looong time.

In my next posts, I want to share some of the most memorable places in the Philippines that I had the opportunity to visit. This is mainly for my boys who may only get read about them.

Next, Destination: Laguna

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