Saturday, October 30, 2010

Load rage

A few months ago, I went down to our laundry room in the basement and was greeted by a huge mess. Clothes were everywhere--on the floor, on the dryer, behind the dryer, in baskets and spilling over hampers.  Some were damp, others dry. Others had been there for ages.

That's it. I've had it! I thought to myself. I gathered dry clothes into baskets, perhaps clean and dirty together. I couldn't tell. I was not in the mood to sniff clothes like I sometimes did and often regretted doing.

After putting away the clothes, I got a thick marker and started writing laundry instructions in BIG, RED CAPITAL letters.  To make sure everyone read them, I scribbled them on both our white washing machine and dryer.

I had a LOAD RAGE!

You can tell I was very upset at the time of writing by my long and ugly strokes.

This is what happened to our dryer after my patience dried out.

The washer was filled with writings too. Not satisfied with writing on our appliances, I got a couple sheets of bond paper, wrote on them, then tacked them on the walls.

I can change the door, too, if I have to.

It's been months since that load rage and our laundry room has definitely improved. I haven't erased the writings though. My boys might still need the reminders and the memory of Mom gone hormonal. They know me. Mom gets crazy sometimes. Blame it on menopause and everything else related to being a woman only I can get away with.

Until the next handwriting, just consider these Mom's load letters.


ChaCha M. said...

Haha. Tita, this is hilarious. Mon definitely ha her the same moments. Let's just call hers "sink rage". U two are definitely siblings. Haha!

lerryblossoms said...

must be in the genes then :-)

Felice said...

I love it! Sometimes anger moves us to positive action! What a creative and effective way to "teach" your family valuable life skills! Thanks for sharing this...made me laugh!

lerryblossoms said...

felice, this is how i "trained" them to put down the toilet seat too. i wrote under the toilet seat: "PUT THIS SEAT DOWN!!!" with an angry emoticon beside it. that seat has since been replaced :-)

Kuya Phil said...

Graffiti? at home? :)

lerryblossoms said...

kuya phil, yeah, looks like graffiti, doesn't it?