Saturday, October 30, 2010


"Mom, would you have been more girlie if you had daughters instead of sons?" Gino, my eldest, has asked me this twice that I can remember of.

He was probably wondering if I would be more into makeup, fashion, shopping, accessories, crafts... typical "girlie" stuff.

Chores aren't girlie. Not in my house. NEVER. Everyone has to do his own laundry, wash the dishes, clean up his room, etc... because this girl ain't doing them all. And neither should their future wives.

"I don't know. Maybe..." I told Gino in response to his question above. But then I wasn't really into those girlie stuff to begin with. I was more into outdoors, adventure, travel, sports, music, fixing (and breaking) things, roughing it... before Gino came into my life. Having four of them just sort of reinforced that.
I enjoyed girlie things too, but they cost a lot of money, don't you agree? For me, this was a deterrent. Just look at the list above. Back then, I had other priorities and I was always very practical with my hard earned money. Having four kids, again, just sort of reinforced that.

Now that the boys are grown and growing, hopefully I will have more disposable money and time to spend on the girlie. I don't believe this would make me a happier woman because, truth be told, I already am.

But it would be nice to surface some of my yet undiscovered abilities in the girlie category. So I've lined up a list of things I will start to learn or re-learn. This is going to be fun and interesting.

You go girl!

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