Sunday, September 19, 2010

Amalfi Coast in three days, part 2

Day, 3, took a day tour to the Isle of Capri. We had reserved a boat, with a boatman, for the whole day for 300 . This was the cheapest I found online. You can probably rent one upon arrival in Capri then negotiate the price right there.

Different kinds of boats for rent
As soon as we got into the boat, the young ones excitedly proceeded to the bow and sat there. The oldies cautiously followed. 

Daughters of my three sisters-in-law

We pretended to be people from the upper echelon of society, those who owned boats and yachts, maybe even islands... Ahh, the life of the rich and famous. 

Bob looks good at the wheel. Photo op! Photo op!

We posed like camera-hogging celebrities, and waved at passing boats of tourists as if we knew each other from Beverly Hill(y billie)s. What a blast! 

Hey there!

After about 20 minutes, however, Nikki started to feel seasick. Poor Nikki. The rough waters badly nauseated her. She was mostly lying on her belly or sitting on the floor and holding a plastic bag. 

Seasick :-(

It took us only about two hours to go around the island. On better weather, we could have stopped at a cove to take a dip in the water, or have lunch, or see the famous Blue Grotto, which was closed that day for safety reasons. Even so, we, with the exception of Nikki, were thoroughly mesmerized by the beauty of the island.

About to go through the Faraglione

Back at the marina, the boat operator charged us only for the time we used the boat. Thus, we saved some money and had spare time to explore the town which we discovered was up the mountain.

While Nikki was recovering on a bench outside a store, Bob and I, as well as April and Warren, hiked up to town on a narrow concrete path and steps passing through residential areas. We did not know how far it was. It was tiring. But the view got better and better. 

View of the marina from Capri town
Finally, we reached the town square. Tourists crowded the piazza, and it wasn't even the peak tourist season. I wondered how this looked like in the summer.

Town square

We walked further and saw many ritzy boutiques and restaurants. We kept walking, stopping often to take photos, until we reached the Punta Tragara Hotel overlooking the Faraglione, This hotel was the American command centre during WWII. 

It must be wonderful to stay here in Punta Tragara especially at peace time.

I was so awed by the natural and man-made beauty of the island. I kept telling hubby I could spend a month  there. I think I would be inspired to do something creative on the island, write a book perhaps, or take to painting. No wonder famous people, writers, and artists have stayed in Capri. It will release your creative juices.

How would you like to have a patio like that?
"OK, so which house do you want to live in?" I  kidded Bob. We started daydreaming. Finally, he said, "Hindi tayo bagay dito (We don't belong here)." Back to reality. Yeah, we can only mountain climb--not social climb--to Capri. For now, I was happy to visit and savour its rich ambiance.

After a delicious lunch of seafood and salad greens back at the marina, we rejoined our group who were already at a pebbly beach. Nikki seemed to have recovered. Michelle, April and Warren were in the cold water.  Brrr...ave!

Now they can say they've swam in the Mediterranean.

Later that afternoon, we rode a ferry ride back to Sorrento. This was our last night together as a group. Warren and April were leaving for Naples Airport to spend the night before their early morning flight to the US. Bob and I were leaving the next day for Rome where we would spend the next 2.5 days before flying back to Vancouver. Noemi and Michelle were spending a few more days in Sorrento with Nikki before going home to the Philippines. Nikki would then go back solo to Paris, where we started from together.

It was parting time again. Thanks, everyone, for a wonderful holiday.

On to our next adventure. Rome!

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