Friday, May 28, 2010

Paris by night

The night Bob and I arrived, Nikki took our group to Palais de Chaillot, also named Trocadero, situated on top of a hill, for a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower.

I think the Eiffel Tower is a must-see at night. It is a must-see at daytime too, but at night you'll see the lofty Tower in all its sparkling glory. You'll be scintillated when the lights flicker for 10 minutes on the hour even as the spotlight at the top continues to beam across the sky. I was!

Awesome! In the foreground are the Varsovie fountains in the Trocadero Garden.

We walked down the the steps through the Trocadero Garden and crossed the Pont d'Iéna or Iéna Bridge.

Bob and me on Pont-d'Iéna (photo by Michelle)

To cap the evening, we took a boat cruise that started near the foot of the Eiffel Tower. This one-hour sightseeing cruise on the Seine River gave us a view at night of several historic buildings and monuments along the river banks and several ornate bridges crossing the Seine.

We took a boat cruise operated by Bateaux Parisiens,
11 euros per person. (photo by Michelle)

There's a bridge called Pont-Marie, also known as the bridge of lovers. According to legend, if you kiss under Pont-Marie and wish for eternal love, it would be granted. I actually saw a couple kiss as our boat passed under this bridge while La Vie En Rose was playing. Très romantique!

You can choose to take a lunch cruise or dinner cruise and enjoy authentic French cuisine for a higher price of course. Bring your sweetie. According to those who have done this, the food is fabulous, prepared by a great chef and his team. Delish!

If you want to go on a cheaper date, just sit by the river bank and watch the boats go by. Then walk over to one of the bridges. Kurips! 

Regardless, Paris is Paris. It offers a wide gamut of sightseeing and romantic choices. If you have money to splurge, you can go on the higher end. If not, there are many public sites to have a great time for free.

Ahh, Paris by night. The most-lit city in the world, hence, nicknamed City of Light. La Ville-Lumière. I fell in love with it. I dream of going back.

Next, Paris by day.

3 comments: said...

Hi Le as expected, you are the only person who could excellently describe the place and the moment plus plus pictures perfectly taken (which you exemplary share with Bob). Hay, dream ko talaga Paris, way, way back... Congrats Guys, I appreciate so much how you perfectly capture these wonders.. and you make simplest subject a wonder itself. You're a blessing!!

ChaCha Diaries said...

So jealous Tita. I have to upgrade and stop touring d US and start a fund hot this kind of trips.

lerryblossoms said...

i'm sure you can afford europe. airfare isn't that much. it's the food and shopping that might cost you a bit. but you'll really love it there!!