Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Games over man

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics are over. Sighhh... Vancouver is feeling the blues.

It was a spectacular, action-packed 17 days like we never had before in beautiful British Columbia. A big international event like this close to home may never be repeated so I enjoyed it while it lasted. Donned my reds and whites, visited celebration sites, and watched the games daily on at least three TV stations. It didn't matter if I was watching alone. I cheered like a crowd. Go Canadaaaaaa!!!!

Because my younger boys complained I was too loud for the living room and our dog kept barking at me when I screamed, I often watched the games behind closed bedroom doors. Hubby was extra gracious. He brought me dinner, sometimes snacks and breakfast too. Then we watched and ate together.

"Thank you, sweetie. I'll make it up to you--on the next Olympics..." He could only chuckle and shake his head.

I was careful to cheer with my mouth full. I didn't wanna choke while Canada was playing. Go Canadaaaackk!

On the last weekend of the Games, when Canada was vying for gold in different events, I reserved the bigger TV in the living room till closing ceremonies. "No PS3 for now," I told the boys.

It was the Canada vs. Norway curling finals. At last, I saw a whole game of curling. I understood it too after having read up on its history, the mechanics, etc. In fact I was doing my own commentary spicing it up with some bits of curling trivia for my family watching with me.

"Mom, what's for lunch?" my son Mickey asked during one of the breaks. It was past 2 pm.

Lunch? Did we have breakfast?
I hadn't prepared anything. "Hmmm, we have bowl noodle soup," I told Mickey. "There's also pizza pop in the freezer..."

Meanwhile, I was glued to the TV. I never thought I could be this fascinated by curling and the now famous clown pants worn by the Norwegian curlers. I'd like a pair of those.

Even as I watched and cheered, I took lots of pictures of the curling game and other succeeding events and exhibitions on our TV screen.

"Mom, are you pretending you are watching them live?" Markus asked. Well, I can pretend to be figure skating too. I now have an album of TV photos, never mind if the CTV logo appears on most of them. These will go to my Olympic memorabilia. I'm the only one I know who takes snapshots of their TV screen.

The last day was probably the best. Canada vs. USA hockey finals. Again for the first time, I watched a hockey game all the way to the end. I screamed and jumped. Even hubby and Gino, not hockey fans too, couldn't contain their excitement. We were delirious when Canada won gold on overtime.

Now the Games are over. Things have settled down. I'm back to my routine.

Till the next Olympics!

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