Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic fever

Before the 2010 Winter Olympics, I hardly paid attention to this international event except to watch some figure skating. But now that it's being hosted right here in Vancouver, I'm so into the Olympic spirit. I cannot be prouder.

My appreciation for winter games is growing by leaps and bounds. The 2010 Olympics has introduced me to sports like mogul, luge, skeleton, bobsleigh, biathlon, snowboard cross, half pipe, cross country skiing, ski jumping, alpine skiing, and different categories of skating.

Tonight I watched curling on TV too. I still didn't understand it, but I cheered anyway because it was Canada playing against Germany. I'm not a big fan of curling and I admit, to me it is almost as exciting as cleaning. Two men with a broom vigorously brushing the floor? They remind me of our floors that's in constant need of sweeping.

Every now and then I switched the station back and forth to the men's figure skating or hockey when I got too excited--or disappointed. This is why it might be better for me to stay home than watch the games live. On the other hand, I miss highlights. I don't know how many goals the Canadian hockey team made while I was on another channel.

My family and our dog Sherry often get agitated when I'm watching sports because I can get really loud. Sometimes in my excitement, I have to cover my eyes and peer through my fingers like I'm watching a suspense thriller. Even replays excite me as if the results would be any different. The 2010 Winter Olympics has completely thawed my icy attitude towards it.

I admire the strength and courage of the athletes. They fly on snowboards, skates and skis. They slide at incredible speed. But I am still saddened by the death of a young luger who met a tragic accident during practice. My deep condolences to the Georgian people. He was so young, just about the age of my second son.

I plan to go to more Olympics celebrations going on in various parts of the Greater Vancouver Area including Holland Park, which is just walking distance from where we live. I have yet to see it at daytime. I want to go around downtown Vancouver some more and see it at night. I hope the weather cooperates.

I'd be wearing more red and white and things Canadiana, hold a flag, collect memorabilia. Go Canada!

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