Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ice skating

"Boys, let's go skating," I told Gabriel and Markus in the car yesterday morning as I drove them to school. "It's free at Robson Square." After nine years, a refurbished ice rink reopened in Vancouver in November last year in time for the coming 2010 Winter Olympics.

The glass-domed below-street-level open-air GE Ice Plaza on Robson St. (photo from

"I don't wanna go skating. Take Markus," Gabriel mumbled.

"Nah..." Markus wasn't interested either.

"Come on, guys, you can do it. The first time you tried it you learned quickly. Me, I could not even stand for more than 5 seconds."

I recalled the first time we all skated in January of 2004 at the Seattle Center. My four boys, a nephew and I went skating while the rest of the family watched from the sidelines. We were all inexperienced. To my surprise, they all quickly got the hang of it and started skating like they had done it before. But I had to hold on to someone or something the whole time.

My first time to skate. I was flanked by my son Gino and nephew L-A (hidden behind Mickey).

There she goes!!! Can't keep her balance even with the help of 3 assistants. (Mickey following behind).

How come they all did it? Even Markus, who initially wobbled to the rink, easily became comfortable in skates.

"Mom, do you get better as you grow older?" Gabriel asked sarcastically. Yeah, what makes me think I'd be any better after 6 years of NOT skating.

"Uhmm, you get braver," was all I could say. The memory of a sore butt and bruised thighs are no longer fresh in my memory. "I heard the rink is beautiful and people can watch you from the outside. You can show off...," I kidded.

"It's not like we're going to do back flips... Mom, you'll just show people you're falling," Gabriel replied.

Well, that happens to the best of us. Just watch any skating competition.

"So, do you wanna go skating?" I asked again.



"Come on..." I insisted. I wasn't giving up.

"Mom, no one wants to go skating except you--because it's FREE."

The skating is free but you still have to rent the skates for $3 and a helmet for $2 if you need one. But yes, FREE is a motivating factor.

I guess I can't expect these boys to go skating with me, and hubby already said that he won't risk breaking any brittle bones. Whaaat? So nobody wants to see me learn to swizzle and swirl? C'mon, you guys...

Today I did a bit of research and found out that there are plastic carts to push around the ice for children and those who can't skate well. I can't skate at all, period. I should be able to avail of that. With this cart, hubby now seems open to the idea of being my ice skating buddy. Wouldn't it be nice if we could do some pair skating to the tune of Ice Castles? (Please don't let this feeling eeeend...)

I may yet learn to skate. Woo-hooo!

View of Robson ice rink from the top. (photo from


LHB said...

Good thing you're not in Team Canada skating for the Vancouver Olympics. :) :)

Good luck to Vancouver hosting the winter Olympics starting today!

lerryblossoms said...

did you know that as a child i dreamed of becoming a figure skater? now i'd be glad just to figure out how to stand on skates without falling.

Go Canada go!!! Woo-hooo!