Friday, January 15, 2010

Driving range amateurs

Yesterday, I drove by the Fraser Golf Centre going home from work. I started laughing to myself as I remembered the time I brought my boys to this driving range.

"Boys, you have to be really quiet. People don't want noise around here," I said as we walked to a vacant bay with a bucket of golf balls. Gabriel and Markus were probably just 10 and 11 years old then and they couldn't keep still or quiet for more than 5 minutes. Oh this is going to be a challenge. I talked in a low voice hoping they would catch on. They were arguing within minutes, even before we started. But at least they tried to keep their voices controlled.

"OK, this is how you do it. You have to keep your eye on the ball," I said and started demonstrating the little that I knew about how to stand, hold the club, swing and hit the ball. I had picked up a few techniques when I volunteered at a golf tournament of our Alumni Association here in BC. Fellow alumni gave me basic instructions before I began pounding at least a hundred practice balls. I didn't do very bad for a first-timer. I thought it shouldn't be difficult to do it again and even teach it to my kids.

"Me first," I said. I put a ball on the tee, positioned my feet on the mat, gripped the club and confidently swung at the ball really hard. Whack! MISSED! Hitting nothing but air, I spun and almost lost my balance.

My boys started snickering. Too funny! Even I wanted to burst into laughter.

I tried a few more times then it was the boys' turn. We alternated. They probably did better than me at times. In the end, we had as much fun watching each other's lousy hits as we did having successful ones. It would have been more fun if we had the freedom to laugh out loud or scream in excitement. But those were not among the driving range etiquette.

That was so funny, I thought to myself yesterday as I drove past Fraser Golf. In fact, I was still laughing alone in the van blocks after passing the area. I felt de-stressed after a busy day at work.

It might be a good idea to occasionally de-stress at the range after work. Boys, anybody wants to come?

The 300-yard driving range of Fraser Golf Centre. (image from


Anonymous said...

Lol! only you lerryblossoms..only you! If there are to takers to the driving range I would love to go with you..hehehee..we can laugh!!

lerryblossoms said...

twc, maybe we can learn together :-)