Friday, January 01, 2010

Almost silver, part 10

Our garden wedding would not have been possible without the help, generosity and cooperation of family and friends. My mother-in-law offered to shoulder the cost of our clothes. My choice was an off-white semi-formal dress rather than the traditional white wedding gown. I wanted to be able to mix and match it, and wear it again and again. Our rings were the gift to us by one of my sisters-in-law. We found a good 2-for-1 deal that sold for 1200 pesos at a jewelry store in Greenhills Mall.

The food was contributed by Groom's family as in a potluck but more organized and well-presented. A brother gave a goat from his farm in the province that my father-in-law made into his famous caldereta. A brother took care of the music that played throughout the ceremony.

We refused to have a videographer because we thought that would ruin the sunrise ambiance with their spotlights. We did not even hire professional photographers. Just family and our Best Man.

Friends helped a lot too. Our Best Man accompanied Groom around prior to the wedding because he had a car. I think he also drove some guests to the venue. He was the Groom's all-around assistant.

My Maid of Honour, who was my best friend from college, was only too willing to be Maid of Everything from the pamamanhikan to the wedding and post-wedding. She, and a couple other friends, helped with my hair and makeup. I did not want to hire a professional stylist because I preferred everything simple. My Maid of Honour looked after other details like making our honeymoon reservation at Puerto Galera and filing our marriage contract at the city hall while we were honeymooning. I forgot to mention that she was also the Ring Bearer at the ceremony!

With Maid of Honour and Best Man

Our invitations were mostly verbal because the guests were very dear friends who would not mind it. But we did give out a few invitation cards for certain people. Those cards were individually handmade and printed by an artist friend. Maybe she made around 10 of them.

Our invitation card. Inside is the Bible verse we picked out.

We knew it would be difficult for our guests to come very early to the wedding so we invited those who had no cars, which were the majority, to sleep either at my house (for the girls) or at Groom's pad (for the boys). I think my sis-in-law had guests sleep over at their house too. We provided them a ride to and from the venue.

It was quite a wedding that some people would remember months and years later. Some still mentioned it to us when we happened to meet again.

Nobody seemed to care about the septic tank, but Hubby and I would be laughing about it for months later. "We are the only couple in the world who can say we had a septic tank marriage!" I once exclaimed.

"Septic tank wedding, not marriage," he quickly corrected me. Yeah, there's a big difference. Although we've had many crappy moments in our married life, it did not stink through and through.

Last December 14, we marked our 24th anniversary. Our marriage is ALMOST SILVER!



Now that would be a different story requiring a new series. Suffice it to say that ours is an incredible telenovela that continues to unfold with surprising twists and turns 24 years later.

But for now I will end this Almost Silver series. I might attempt to write a postscript that has less to do with us and more to do with the sterling Director that chose to work with these two second-rate Actors who sometimes mess up the Script and get off character.

I wish I knew the rest of the Plot, but since I don't, I'm better off simply trusting the Director for each and every scene on an almost silver screen.


Elle said...

My dearest Le, I almost cried reading your almost silver entries....It brings back fond memories. Wish we are together, I want to give you a hug. Ang tagal na ano? Almost 25 years, wow!I think you are still my dearest friend...while you are away, your ninang Rica became my close close friend...But of course nothing is quite like the fun and adventure of our U.P.days. I miss you my much, na naiiyak ako...lalo na when I saw your wedding pictures...if you will renew your weeding vows, will you still make me your maid of honour? I love my friend...Elle

lerryblossoms said...

elle, you just made me cry. i miss you too!! i love you and i want to give you a hug!!! yes, i will surely want to make you my maid of honour again. when God will bring me and bob to the philippines, i'd love to have some kind of renewal of vows with you as the maid of honour and guest of honour. you are so dear to me.