Saturday, December 12, 2009

Almost silver

"Lord, I want to get married this year," I remember uttering New Year's Eve 1985.

It was more a sigh, a wishful thought, a fleeting feeling I threw in with other more pressing prayers as I spent the last minutes of '84 locked in my room while waiting for the countdown. Those days, I liked to spend the strike of 12 with God, thanking Him for the past year and praying for the new one. I'd be in my room until I was called down for the traditional fireworks, greetings, exchange gifts and media noche (midnight dinner).

That prayer was a long shot. I was not engaged. I did not even have a boyfriend. But I felt ready to settle down. I was tired of the single life. I had been saving and investing my savings and had enough to start a married life. I was tired of wrong suitors coming in and and out of my life. And I could already cook tinola (as shown in photo below).

I'm so ready!!

As the New Year unfolded, I got busy with work and grad school and got involved in a newsletter project in our church. I brushed off this prayer and soon forgot about it.

Apparently, God did not.

(to be continued...)

Chicken tinola (image from My friend taught me how to cook this when I was in university.

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