Saturday, December 19, 2009

Almost silver, part 4

How do you know if you've found the RightGuy?

In my case, I had entertained a number of WrongOnes to know what wasn't working. Wrong timing. Wrong motive. Wrong status. Wrong priorities. Wrong whatever...

But what about what's Right?

Fortunately, This Guy came at a time when things were back on track in my life, when I was open to God's leading. Surrendered would be a better description. I was done telling God what or who was best for me. It was time for Him to reveal it.

It was only after This Guy told me about his intentions that things started to make sense. The visits, the calls, the books, audio cassettes and vinyl records (no DVDs yet) he lent me, the side glances, the friendliness... they were more than friendly!

So now we were dating. More visits and calls. I started getting cards and notes (no emails yet). I discovered he was not only a talented artist. He was an excellent writer, he deserved to be our newsletter editor.

At first, I wanted to keep this development low key to give me time and space to process my thoughts and feelings. I kept a few people in the loop, my closest friends and family. But being in a small church, it was only a matter of time before it became obvious that This Guy and Girl were dating.

We went on cheap dates to Red Ribbon and Dunkin' Donuts.
Sweeeet! Literally :-)

"I am going to tell you a shocker," a close friend, who was also his friend, said after I confided in her. "I started praying for the two of you last year." Really? She knew about it earlier than I did. I believe a few others had known too but kept quiet.

On another occasion, the spouse of one of my closest friends outside the church told me, "Mas gusto ko 'to. Kalimutan mo na yung isa. Kundi, hindi ako a-attend ng wedding mo, 100%." (I like this one better. Forget the other one. If not, I will not attend your wedding, 100%) He said it in jest, but he was not 100% joking. For some reason, This Guy struck him as my better match.

Sometimes it helps to listen to the feedback of people who love you and care about you because you can be blindsided by our own feelings and biases. But I preferred to listen to those who shared my core values.

My parents approved of him too. For me, my parents' blessings were paramount when it came to my choice of life partner if I were to get married. I needed that covering.

I was getting drawn to This Guy and things were falling into place. Oh God, I am REALLY falling in love!

But was this God's will? I prayed and prayed.

I had the answer in two months...

(to be continued)

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