Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Almost silver, part 2

The morning church service was over and the sanctuary was almost empty. I was sitting at the back pew waiting for someone or something.

"If I were to marry someone from this church, it could only be him," I thought to myself as I watched This Guy walk across the front aisle.

What a strange thought. First, This Guy and I were not close friends even though we had known each other at church for three years. We had few opportunities to get to know each other better. I was involved in the choir. He was involved in many things BUT choir.

Second, I felt I wasn't ready for a commitment because my emotional state was conflicted at that time. As young people would say on their Facebook relationship status: "It's complicated". In my case, however, I was singly complicating matters. The only person losing sleep was me. Don't ask me to explain. It's a girl thing. It's complicated.

Third, that was only a thought, not a feeling. No sparks or butterflies in the stomach because of Fourth, I thought he might be considering other girls.

I left the thought at that.

In the weeks or months that followed, I found myself in the same church newsletter editorial team with This Guy. We both took the exam in mid-January of 1985 and in February, we were given our assignments. He landed the role of editor, and I, the associate.

In preparation for the first issue, we had team meetings, and then just-editor-and-associate-editor meetings. The latter became more frequent. This increasingly turned into getting to know you rather than getting the work done, and went on for about three months. I didn't read much into this developing friendship because I had several platonic relationships with the opposite sex. Male friends confided in me, shared very personal matters or asked for advice. This could be just one of those.

Then one night, This Guy suddenly proposed. I was totally caught by surprise. I thought he'd be merely seeking some wise relationship counsel. He admitted that he had been praying for me for quite some time. And I never had an inkling? He must have been really, really discrete. Or I was really, really dense.

God, I need Your wise counsel!!

That's me in one of our choir concerts.

That's him leading at a Young Pro fellowship.

(To be continued...)

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