Friday, November 13, 2009

Makeover, again

(part 2 of 2)

"So Mom, how's your makeover going?" Gino asked me about a week ago.

"Well, it's still going. I just haven't decided on my haircut. And I'm running out of clothes," I replied. "I don't know how long I can sustain this."

"Wear a mini-skirt, black stockings and high heels," he said.

I didn't say I wanted an extreme makeover. Just a makeover.

"I already did that. Well, it's not really very high heels..." And it's not a mini. Just above-the-knee skirt.

My boys sometimes give me unsolicited fashion advice, but hardly ever when I ask for it. As Markus once said, "Like I care, Mom."

Not too long ago, I did an inventory of the clothes in my closet and dresser. I don't have a lot of clothes, but I realized that with a little mixing and matching, and some accessorizing, they're good enough. I just need to be creative with what I have. Besides, I have so many mostly unused trinkets from my mother.

But I'd like some new clothes too.

"Pwede ba kong bumili ng damit? (Can I buy clothes?)" I asked my husband. It's not that I need to ask his permission, but if I want a makeover, maybe he should know what I'm up to.

"Yup!" he answered.

"Palagi? (Always?)" I was baiting.

"Yup!" he said again. He knows me well enough not to fear letting me loose in a department store. He knows stores are more likely to go bankrupt than I am to become shop-oholic.

It's not that I don't like shopping. It's just harder to shop when you are the one budgeting and holding the purse strings and looking after the bills and stuff. I want to make sure that I get the most for the dollar. So I take a looong time browsing the racks, which exhausts myself and anyone who shops with me, until I finally leave the store with barely anything. Or with nothing.

It is easier to shop when my husband is with me. "Just get it," he'd say. I often need that extra push.

Recently I asked him to buy me something from H&M store near his workplace in Vancouver. "Can you get me a black hat? Not the beret. You already got me that. Get me one with a lid," I told him.

Like always, he was quick to say yes.

"Really? My wish is your command?" I acted surprised. I knew he wouldn't say no.

The other night he came home with my hat, and a few items for himself. Smart guy!

"Do you know how much this hat costs?... $10!" he exclaimed.

"$10??! That's expensive!" I exclaimed. He gave me a puzzled look. I quickly picked up that we were exclaiming for the opposite reasons. "...Or is that cheap??" I gave him the puzzled look.

"If you want a makeover, first you have to makeover your budget," he said.

Admittedly, for me anything that is not on sale or on the clearance rack is expensive. Which is why I like Ross. I get nice clothes on its clearance racks, good enough for my so-called makeover.

"Lerryblossoms, what happened to you?" a close friend finally asked me after noticing my mix-and-match several days in a row. She's used to seeing this Plain Jane wearing the same o' same o' for years, and not this above-the-knee skirt, black stockings, not-so-high heels, trinkets and all.

Nothing happened to me. Just trying to be more creative with what I already have and what I can afford.

(from an ad designed and illustrated by hubby)

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