Thursday, May 07, 2009

Seek and find

Two days ago, I blogged about looking for a missing SD card at home. That night, I continued searching in likely and unlikely places. Pencil holders. Basket of due bills. Recipe box?

SD card, where are you? Pleease God help me find this thing!!!

Even as I was feeling frustrated, I was glad to find things that I had been looking for at some point, or things I might need in the future, or things that have no practical use, but considered precious by my sentimental nature. Like two more temporary teeth. My sons' baby molars.

I was about to give up when I decided to look again in one of the small compartments of my escritorio. I lifted a receipt and there it was. The SD card!! I was ecstatic. I literally sang and hopped for joy.

I FOUND IT!!! It felt good to find something I was sure I had hidden. And it was not even worth that much.

But have you experienced looking for something you have absolutely no memory of hiding?

Let me tell you the story I mentioned in my previous entry.

Many years ago, back in the Philippines, my young family occasionally experienced lean times for different reasons. This incident I'm blogging about is one of those lean times. I can't remember exactly why money was tight. Maybe it was one or a combination of these factors:

We moved into our own house in Quezon City that was still unfinished. There were many improvements that had to be done using whatever savings we had.

We were sending Gino and Mickey to a private school.

MrB left his high-paying job at a publishing company that gave him various perks and a car loan, and decided he'd rather work in Christian organization even if it meant slashing his income by three-fourths that paid just enough for monthly car payment. Perks and rewards were in heaven, from heaven, or both. (We suffered financially for a time while he was at this job, but it opened the door for us to go to Canada. And we met people who would become among our dearest friends today. Paid off big time.)

Me, I was not gainfully employed, as defined by the National Statistics Office. This meant I worked long hours and was on call day or night, losing sleep, and doing an endless list of household chores, but not earning money.

One morning, after my husband had left for work, I rued about the fact that we had no money. Payday was in two days. MrB probably had enough to take him to work for the next couple of days, but what about the food at home? The fridge was practically empty.

One lunch, there was nothing in the fridge but one chayote. I decided to stir-fry it with a few garlic cloves and a little onion. For extra nutrition, I added malunggay leaves I asked from our neighbour's tree. I had never tried this but did it anyway. That and rice would be lunch for Gino, Mickey and myself.

After it was cooked, the dish looked uninteresting and tasted worse. To condition the boys into eating my concoction, I told them we were eating what I called Mommy's Special. We started eating enthusiastically. The enthusiasm waned with every bite. We didn't say anything. In my head I was saying, Yuck!

I thought about our predicament. This cannot happen, I said to myself. This cannot happen to a child of God. We must have something. You promised. You said You will supply all our needs. You said our children will not go hungry. This cannot happen! How can this happen? I was talking to myself and to God.

And so I did something totally by faith. I went through my drawers and old purses firmly believing that I should have money somewhere. Even if I didn't remember ever keeping cash anywhere, I kept looking anyway. I flipped through my old diaries and appointment notebooks. I checked files of paper. I went through bags and wallets.

Finally, I saw an old wallet I hadn't used in ages. As I looked through it, I saw a 50-peso bill tucked in one of the pockets. Yay!! Thank you Lord!!! I was not disappointed. God never disappoints though we don't see it like that all the time.

That money was enough to tide us over until payday. I believe some time back, God led me to leave some cash in this purse for this very reason.

Seek and you will find. Believe and you will see.

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