Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hide and seek

I think you might relate to this. You hide something so well that even you can’t find it when you need it. Sounds familiar?

That’s what happened to me last night. I bought a digital camera that was the same brand as the one that broke on New Year's Eve. I chose the same brand because I wanted to use the same SD card. Think savings.

Unfortunately, I could not find the broken thing. Nobody knew where it was. I kept looking. No camera.

This morning I looked around again. I hate it when this happens. I get obsessive and will keep on searching.

I hear people, including me, say, “Huwag mong hanapin. Lalabas din yan pag di mo hinahanap. (Don’t look for it. It will surface when you're not searching.),” which was what happened to Gino when he misplaced a notebook days before an exam. He kept looking and looking with no success. This weekend I found it in one of the clothes hampers while I was checking out something else. Too late for his test though.

But with the missing broken camera, I didn’t feel like just sitting it out. I wanted to test and start using the new one and the old card. I checked my escritorio, the bookshelves, bins and boxes... Finally, I checked a plastic bag with miscellaneous items. FOUND IT! I was relieved to see the camera.

But wait. The card wasn’t there. I quickly remembered I had removed it in January because the camera might go missing. Besides, I was concerned that it might also stop working if kept inside the camera that broke after wallowing in fruit salad.

I have totally forgotten about it. Where could I have placed it? It should be in my drawer where I keep precious items like my sons’ temporary teeth. Why would I put it elsewhere???

Tonight I will keep on looking again.

Maybe I should start writing down notes to self for things that I hide for whatever reason. “Hid SD card in middle drawer… Hid chichiria in the shoebox... Hid money in brown purse…” I think this will reduce the time wasted on seeking.

Oh, this brings to my mind a good hide-and-seek story. I’ll write about it later.

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