Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hair today...

Three of my 4 sons have a distinct hairstyle. One has dreds, the second has a one-sided hair, the third has mohawk.

"Mom, look at my hair," Mickey told me early this morning in our hallway. He is my 21-year-old Oriental looking son who has one-sided hair.

"Wow!" That was all I could say when he switched on the light.

Mick's hairstyle has the right side of his head shaved, the top part sticking out, and the left side, thick. It is very unique. He has had this for at least 2 weeks. Yesterday, he decided to have a design carved on the shaved side. I thought it was really, wow, nice!

I looked at Gabriel who is still sporting a Mohawk hairstyle. Two sides of his head are shaved.

"Let's put a design on your head!" I said. Let's make a tic-tac-toe," I suggested. "That should be easy. It's just 4 lines!" I sensed Gabriel was open to the idea of having a design on his head, but closed to the thought of making me do it. Come on, Gabriel, let's try. First, I need to figure out what tool to use to make those lines.

If Gabriel doesn't like it, maybe I can do it on Markus's head. He is the only one that has a regular haircut. But I think he already has a plan for his hair. He told me last week that he wanted to grow his hair, gel it so that it sticks out to one side. "Like it's wind-blown, Mom."

Stiffly wind-blown. "That's unique. I have never seen anything like it except in cartoons. So when are you doing it?" I can't wait to see how he will do that one-sided windblown look.

MrB sometimes say that our boys all come to an age when they start experimenting with their hair. We just let them. Sometimes I take part in it. When Gino and Mickey were in their early teens, they wanted their hair dyed. So I dyed them blonde, as they wanted.

Gabriel has been asking me lately to dye his mohawk red. He thought of green but some guy in his school already beat him to it. I still need to find a good red hair colour for this one.

"Mom, I will remove my dreds in the summer," Gino said recently. He spent quite a sum to have this done on his straight hair last year.

"Why don't you just shave the whole thing?" I suggested. I thought that would be easier. Even I can do that. He didn't like to shave his head.

"Why don't we unfurl it already?" I volunteered to do it even if I didn't know how this was done. I think this will be challenging. It appeals to my obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Imagine, manually untangling each and every dreadlock that has been waxed and twisted over and over! But Gino wants to keep his dreds at least till June 21, its one-year anniversary.

My sons' hairstyles are something I don't fuss about. Actually, they have fussed more about the haircuts I've given them. So when they start earning their own money, I release them to get a professional haircut of their choice.

For me, a hairstyle isn't worth fighting about with your children. After all, how long will it last? Weeks, months, a year? It is very temporary. Hair grows so fast.

So I will let my boys enjoy their hair. They are males. How long will their hair last? They should be able to enjoy it while it's thick and it's there. It will thin out eventually. The hippies of the 60s and 70s, where is their long, groovy hair now? Most of them might be bald or balding already. Like they say, hair today...gone tomorrow.

Have fun with your hair, boys, and have something to remember or laugh about in your balding years (unless you have my thick hair genes).


Anonymous said...

"It will thin out eventually." Aray, may nasasagasaan dito. :)


lerryblossoms said...

hindi ka naman nag-iisa :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey..I am still experimenting with mine, am sure you know what I mean, and it is still fun...LOL!

lerryblossoms said...

i know! makes me envious!!