Monday, March 23, 2009

What not to wear

My friend Peachblossoms asked me to help out with a mother-and-daughter event at our church called What Not To Wear.

"I don't think that's for me," I told her. "I have no daughter and I'm not interested in fashion." I am hardly the person who will strike you as having a great fashion sense.

"No, lerryblossoms, that's not the point," she countered. "You dress decently... What we want to get across, especially to young girls, is how to dress appropriately.... Even if you don't have a daughter, you can share your ideas as a mother of boys. Be their advocate..." And so I agreed to be part of the committee. Besides they needed help with promotional materials like posters, flyers, and tickets, and I have very close connections with a graphic designer who won't say no.

Thinking of what my friend said about being my boys' advocate, I asked all of them over lunch one day what they thought girls or women should not wear.

"Why do you ask me, Mom? I'm only 13," Markus replied.

"I don't know. I don't really care what they wear," Gabriel answered.

It seems they weren't interested in what girls their age wore. They had more to say about how girls always huddled in a corner, chattering, doing group hugs...

I asked the older two. "Uhmm, tubes..." Mickey said.

"I think it's even worse when old women dress like young girls," Gino said.

Last Sunday, a man in his late 60s or 70s approached the table where I was selling What Not To Wear tickets.

"For me, I don't like too much cleavage, and metal showing on the navel, and stud on the tongue..." he started making conversation.

People have different opinions and preferences. I admire girls and women who dress sensibly. Combined with a sense of style, it is even better.

I am looking forward to attending What Not To Wear next weekend. I hope to learn a thing or two about fashion for my own self, get extra tips on make-up and hairstyle. Manicure my own nails. Take home free stuff. Win a raffle prize.

Check it out, if you are in the area.

What Not To Wear poster, thanks to MrB

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