Friday, March 13, 2009


A friend invited MrB and I to their house last Saturday for a small gathering, which we found out later to be his birthday celebration. "Tayo-tayo lang." (Just a few of us). He said there was going to be karaoke. Yay! Sounds like fun! We practiced on our Magic Mic before we left the house.

We were the first guests to arrive. While the husband, who was a great cook, was still baking or roasting some dishes in the kitchen, his wife started singing on the karaoke.

Memory, all alone in the moonlight... Wow, she had a wonderful voice, strong, high and solid. She can definitely sing solo. I got insecure. I sing well with a group, I have a good sense of timing, and I know harmony but I am not a soloist. Alone, my voice is a little weak, thin and cracks sometimes, especially when I get nervous.

When I was handed the mic, I sang an old Tagalog song softly and cautiously. The score displayed on the big screen TV was not impressive. I just ignored it.

After the first song, I gained a little confidence. "I sound good on this mic," I thought to myself. The echo effect and the 6 Bose speakers definitely helped. More and more, I was emboldened to sing solo like never before. I found the power and volume I didn't think were there. Even MrB, who was with the guys in the kitchen, could not tell that it was me singing. "Is that my wife?"

I kept singing, hardly bothered that more guests had arrived. I sang until it was meal time. Although I enjoyed the sumptuous dinner, I was eager to go back to singing. I preferred to sing than to eat. Since when did that happen? To this day, I wish I had eaten more of the lengua.

Nevertheless, I had fun. I think I really let loose that evening, singing to my heart's content. Mind you, I didn't drink any alcohol. Of the 15 to 20 people who were at the party, only four of us took turns on the mic because the others were either shy or uninterested. I think I sang the most.

Karaoke is very entertaining. As I told MrB, if you sing well, people are entertained. If you sing badly, people are entertained. It's all in the spirit of fun. Simon Cowell won't be there to judge you and say, "That is so karaoke."

The karaoke lasted more than 3 hours. My voice fully cooperated, getting louder and higher as the night wore on. It didn't crack nor croak, thankfully. I felt my skin grew thicker that evening. Hopefully it will stay that way till the next karaoke!


Anonymous said... never cease to surprise with all those talents.......:) TWC

lerryblossoms said...

twc!!! thanks! i'm just enjoying life. at my age i should make the most of what i've got, what i have left and what i haven't discovered about myself.