Friday, February 27, 2009

Shall we dance?

Once in a rare while, I get to attend a dinner and dance around Valentine's Day and a few other special occasions. I go primarily for the dinner, and after I'm happily fed, I will most likely want to dance.

Last Saturday, MrBlossoms and I attended a couples' post-Valentine dinner and dance organized by the Filipino group from our church.

The deejay started with some slow music. Two by two, spouses stood up and danced what we called Sweet. As you might know, there are several variations of Sweet, ranging from Sweet to Very Sweet. It depends on one's age, one's relationship with the partner, and one's hormones, perhaps. Add deodorant (or the lack of it) to that.

When you're dancing with your spouse, you can be on the very sweet side without feeling a bit of discomfort. But then again, couples might prefer to keep the sweet at home.

When the DJ played slow music again right after the first one, people's feedback was immediate.

"Mabilis naman," (Fast music this time) people clamoured.

As partners started heading back to their seats, the DJ quickly shifted to faster tunes and people went back to the dance floor. Funny, when we were all young and single, all we wanted was sweet! Sometimes, we didn't even care if the music was fast. We still danced sweet. Now that we're married, we want the Chicken Dance and Macarena!

While music from the 70s played, MrB and I traveled down memory lane, albeit separate memory lanes because we did not know each other at that time. "I know that one. I was in third year high school.... This one's from 1974... Oh I liked this song!... I danced this with---" we blurted every now and then.

I could still recall specific events I associated with specific songs.

There was a tinge of nostalgia as we relived our partying years, which for me weren't really that much nor eventful. In fact, I totally missed the disco scene. I believe after high school I didn't dance at a party again until I was already married and mostly here in BC.

One thing that bewilders me is the seemingly undying popularity of the Macarena, Chicken Dance and YMCA at all dance parties we have attended here. They have become classics like the boogie and cha-cha-cha. I'm not sure if this is a North American thing. No matter, these three are fun group dances that allow people to have fun and laugh at each other. How can you not laugh when you see people, including yourself, in formal or semi-formal wear dancing silly.

That evening, we met a couple who were trained dancers. They led us in some dances at the party and they are willing to hold informal dancing sessions for couples if someone will organize them. MrB and I are thinking of joining that group. We have forgotten many of the steps we learned from the ballroom dancing lessons we attended 9 years ago because we hardly ever used them.

Waltz, boogie, rhumba, merengue, cha-cha-cha, anyone? Sweet!!


LHB said...

Do you ever watch "Dancing with the Stars" on TV? This article might even inspire to do more dancing.

lerryblossoms said...

Yes, we love to watch that show. The new season is coming up!