Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Letters, 1949 - Secure

One month after giving birth, my mother was still staying in Los Banos and slowly regaining her strength and going back to a normal routine. In those days, recovery took a long time, and there were many do's and don'ts both for the mother and the newborn. Meanwhile my father continued to work in the city and yearn for the love of his life.

During this time, my father finally finished the dresser he was making for my mother. He learned to do carpentry while he was living with an older brother who made a living out of making furniture in Manila.

My mother seemed to be rather apologetic or hesitant about having an unspecified form of enjoyment. My father told her to go for it. He was secure in her love. What did she plan to do? I wonder.

Today is Valentine's Day. Many men will be giving flowers to their significant other. I don't remember seeing my father bring a bunch of roses to my mother. Ever. But I remember them tending a whole garden of flowers together. Roses, African violets, dahlias, jasmine, daisies, bougainvilleas...

University of the Phil.
Diliman, Quezon City
October 23, 1949

Ling Nang Buhay Ko,

Bago ang lahat ay tanggapin mo muna ang maraming halik na pasalubong ko sa aking mahal. Kung ako naman ang iyong kukumustahin ay wala naman akong karamdaman sa ngayon.

Mahal ko, huag mong dadamdamin ang hindi ko pagliham sa iyo sapagkat wala lamang akong panahon upang lumiham sa iyo. Sa buong isang linggo ay ginawa ko ang tokador na handog ko sa iyo. Ngayon tapos na ay wala na akong alalahanin. Mahal ko, kung ang kinalilibangan ang sasabihin mo ay huag mong dadayain ang iyong sarili. Alam kong mahal mo ako kaya hindi ako nagdadamdam ano man ang sabihin mo sa akin.

Ang totoo ay hindi ko alam kung paano ko uumpisahan at tatapusin ang liham ko. Dahil marahil sa ako'y nasasabik na sa iyo. Ling, wala na akong pinakamamahal sa buhay kundi ikaw lamang. Ling, wala na akong maisip sahihin sa iyo kaya tatapusin ko na.

Maraming halik sa iyo, kay Fremma at kay Junior.

Ang Naghihintay sa Pinakamamahal ko sa Buhay,

University of the Phil.
Diliman, Quezon City
October 23, 1949

Ling of My Life,

Before everything else, receive my many kisses that I am sending to my love. If you will ask about me, I am fine right now.

My love, don't feel bad that I was unable to write you because I simply had no time. For one whole week, I finished the dresser which is my gift to you. Now that it's done, I have nothing to worry about.

My love, don't deny yourself of entertainment. I know you love me so I won't feel bad whatever it is you want to tell me.

The truth is I don't know how to start and end this letter. Maybe it's because I'm too anxious to be with you. Ling, there's no one that I love more in life apart from you. I can't think of anything more to say so I'll end it here.

Many kisses to you, Fremma and Junior.

He who is waiting for the one I love most in life,

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