Thursday, January 15, 2009

Taking nothing for granted

The other night, we had a long chat with a couple, both very good friends of ours. The wife related how she fell flat on her back when she slid on their icy driveway recently. She was very thankful to God she did not break any bone nor suffer any head injury with that nasty fall.

"My life could have changed in an instant," she said.

So true. Life is so fragile and uncertain...and short.

"We shouldn't take things for granted," the husband said.

As I was looking at myself in the mirror this morning, I remembered what we talked about. "Thank You that I can see myself. Thank You that I can hear my voice. Thank You for every breath I take," I prayed to God softly. "I have two hands, the left and the right, I can hold them up high..." God wouldn't mind a little humour...

Don't take things for granted...

"My boys are all here and healthy... Thank you that they are going to school..." I said as I watched Gabriel and Markus walk after I dropped them off near their school.

"I thank You that I have a car to drive... You keep me safe on the road... I have a job..."

Don't take things for granted...

"We have freedom here... We can go to church... There is peace..."

Don't take things for granted.

Driving home through a dark fog, I prayed for alertness and safety. And now I am safely home, enjoying some alone time, getting ready to sleep. My family is complete. Thank you for this home.

With many things going wrong in the world today, I think it is better to appreciate every good thing that we have.

Take nothing for granted.

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