Saturday, December 06, 2008


I was talking with my sons one morning about young girls stalking guys. "Be careful," I said. I think, to a normal degree, most teens go through a "stalking" stage--following their crush around, trying to get a good view of the girl or guy, trying to get noticed or unnoticed... Or maybe this was back in my time? In this Internet age, you can easily find people online.

Going back to stalking, do you know that I was stalked once? I only knew about it when it was over. I was then in my 20s and still single. It was not a fatal attraction kind, no harm intended, just an unusual kind of getting-to-know-you...faster. A new acquaintance tasked his "connections in the underworld", he said, to find out if I was in a relationship or not. They followed me everywhere. He later confessed to it.

"That's an intrusion of my privacy!" I said, very upset. That ended the getting to know me--faster.

Nowadays, there's no need to go to that extreme because everyone seems to be online anyway. Facebook, MySpace, and a host of social networking sites have changed the way we do community.

But it's still different from seeing the real person, not just the virtual one. So yeah, maybe lovestruck girls or guys may do a bit of "stalking". However, when it becomes creepy and obsessive... "Don't play along with it. Be careful," I told my boys, just in case they encounter that experience.

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