Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sherry red

Meet Sherry, the newest member of our family.

We took her into her home last Thursday. We are all very delighted to have this adorable dog around the house. My boys had been wanting a dog for a long time, but I was not very open to the idea. If you read an old entry in this blog, I set several conditions before getting a dog. I said it had to be free, has had shots, toilet trained, etc.

To find one meeting the first criterion, my boys had been searching craigslist for free dogs looking for a loving home. They found a few and contacted the owners, but nothing came out of those.

A month ago, my officemate emailed a bunch of us regarding a dog that was being given away by someone she knew. I immediately contacted the person. That night we checked it out. We instantly liked Sherry, also called Sheli by her current Korean owners.

There was one hitch though. It turned out that Sherry's original owner, who gave her to the current ones this past summer, wanted her given to someone she knew. She didn't know us. As a compromise, we had to wait for a month while owner #1 tried to look for a potential owner.

Since then, my boys kept counting the days and weeks. They were getting impatient. Me, I was fine with it. It gave me time to pray about this particular dog joining our family. God, if this is going to be good for us, let us have the dog. But if not, please do not give it to us.

When the time came, I got an email that we could get the dog. I thought, It is meant to be. We all got excited and bought dog food, treats, a dog collar and leash. Sherry was coming with her own doghouse.

Sherry is a red-coated Shiba Inu, the smallest of 6 original dog breeds from Japan. She is intelligent and knows several tricks. However, the commands she understands are mostly in the Korean language. So know we are trying to memorize those commands at the same time shifting her to English.

For now, we can get her to "sing" and "pray". I saw her respond to dance, wait, and other Korean commands. I wonder who will learn faster--Sherry on understanding English commands, or us on speaking Korean.

According to the National Shiba Club of America, adult Shiba Inus readily adjust to a new family and almost instantly adapt to being a spoiled only child. So true. She is now at ease with us and loves being pampered.

Sherry is easy to have in the house. She doesn't chew on slippers or chairs or jumps at the Christmas tree. We can leave her alone in the house and not worry about her making a mess. She is housebroken and will only pee or poop outside. The only thing is she loves to go for a walk and will give you good exercise when you take her out even in the snow.

As to diet, she is not a big eater. And she is a very healthy dog too. Never had health issues.

Sherry is a welcome addition to our family. We are so happy to have her. I read on some websites that pets, especially dogs, are good for your health, physically and emotionally, unless of course you are allergic to them.

Let's see if we can still teach Sherry new tricks.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! congrats on the new addition to your household! very cute. Very brave of you, but I guess there are enough boyz to take care of the 'baby'..:)