Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Claus, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White

"Mom, if you could be a fictional character, what would you be?" Markus asked me as I was driving him and Gabriel to school one morning. Before I could answer, he continued, "Me, I'd like to be Santa Claus so I will work only once a year."

"Not really," I said. "You make toys the rest of the year."

"No. Santa doesn't do it. He just says, 'Yeah, you make toys.'" Right, Santa has many helpers.

"Then I'll be Sleeping Beauty. I will just be sleeping and my Prince Charming will come," I said. He will wake me up and because I'm still groggy and wanting to sleep in, he will bring me a tray of apple-cinnamon topped oatmeal, eggs, pancake and hot mocha... Wait, that's not fiction. That's what MrB did for me last Sunday.

"Or I could be Snow White and have seven Dwarfs," I continued. "I have four already. I only need three more. Yeah, I'll be Snow White."

And live happily ever after.

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