Monday, December 01, 2008

Day of rest

Two weeks ago, our pastor challenged us to observe a day of rest or Sabbath each week. I will not attempt a theological discussion here of the biblical Sabbath or mention all that was brought up in that Sunday service. Suffice it to say that I came away from the service agreeing that, yes, having a Sabbath is a good idea.

It does not have to be Sunday or Saturday. Whatever suits your schedule, that's what our pastor said. The important thing is to take a break, spend more time meditating, reading God's Word, praying, visiting with people who will refresh not drain you, doing things that restore the body and the spirit.

I have read other materials on keeping the Sabbath. I remember one author saying that on this day, do things you don't HAVE to do.

I decided I will try to have this day of rest from now on. How hard could that be?

Fortunately MrBlossoms and I were on the same page on this. He agreed to take Saturday for himself. I get Sunday.

On his free day, he goes to a nearby forest with his books and iPod. I do the chores at home. Me, I prefer to stay at home, cooped in the bedroom, served food (ah, wouldn't that be nice?)... He does all my chores.

He suggested that I go out, to the mall maybe, but that is hardly rejuvenating for me. Shopping exhausts me. I want to stay home. They can all go out and leave me alone at home to enjoy some total peace and quiet...Wait, that's not good on the wallet.

Anyway, I thought resting for a day would be really easy. NOT! At times I felt guilty doing nothing, lying in bed, resting. At times, I thought about chores. NOT WORKING requires discipline!

Last weekend, I had to drop off the car at the shop for a tune-up. Hubby had to follow me in the van so I can have a ride home. Since we were already on the road, we did our grocery shopping too. As agreed upon, hubby would move his rest day to Sunday because of all these errands.

This meant I had to do all chores on Saturday--laundry, cleaning and cooking our Sunday food on top of our Saturday food... I didn't quite finish everything. By Sunday, there were a couple of little things that I had to do that were chore-related. I need to plan better next time.

Still, I was able to get much rest on Sunday. By night time, I was tired of resting. How odd! I am so not used to this. As I said, I need better planning so that my day of rest doesn't feel like wasting away. It's supposed to be rejuvenating, remember? For the body, mind and spirit.

So I will list ideas on how I can spend this day of rest. While the weather is cold and rainy, I will probably do more journaling, reading books I had long wanted to read, blogging, trying creative things... MrBlossoms has agreed to give me some art lessons in January. I was planning to take lessons at the city recreation centre here, but hubby can very well give me that--for free! (Or maybe in exchange for a back massage oh HIS day of rest...)

Thank God for Sabbaths. He probably knew our propensity to get busy, busy, busy and to work ourselves to death. Maybe that's why He had to set the example for us by creating the heavens and the earth in 6 days and resting on the 7th, and then declaring the day of rest sacred.

I wonder how my life will change after consistently keeping a day of rest?

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