Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breakfast in bed

It wasn't Mother's Day. I wasn't down with the flu. But I had breakfast in bed.

It was Pro-D day Friday, or Professional Development Day at my boys' high school, so they had no classes. Gabriel woke up very early. (How come kids wake up early when there is no school?) He sneaked into my bedroom and asked something about food that I didn't cook or cooked the previous night. I can't remember. I was still groggy at 6am.

"There's pork chop in the fridge," I mumbled.

He went to the kitchen and some time later went back to my bedroom with a platter. By this time I was ready to get up.

"Wow!" I was pleasantly surprised to see a piece of pork chop with romaine lettuce on the side drizzled with a little balsamic vinegar.

"Mom, taste," he said. Gabriel had made his own sauce.

I sat up and placed the plate carefully on my lap so that nothing spilled on the white linen.

"Nice!" I commented. I don't know what he mixed but it was good. "Can I please have rice?" I'm not used to eating pork chop without rice.

"No rice for you," he said.

"Just a little," I replied while giving him back the plate. Gabriel went back to the kitchen and returned with leftover brown rice on my plate. I enjoyed my surprise breakfast in bed, courtesy of my 14-year-old chef-in-the-making. Thanks, Gabriel! That was really wonderful!

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