Monday, August 11, 2008

The road to Tofino

(the continuation)

About 10 minutes from where we stopped at Taylor Arm, we saw several vehicles parked on the roadside.

"What are they looking at? Let's get off!" We made a quick stop. And this was what we saw.

A giant log, huge rocks...

We eagerly went down and explored the place further. It was a lovely sight.

Picture perfect!

There's Gino...

...and there's the rest of us.

As expected, the boys were quick to hop from rock to rock, even going to the edge of cliffs. It freaked me out.

"Stop!... Don't go there!... That's not safe!" I kept yelling.

"Mom, you're the only one screaming," Gabriel said, embarrassed. "Mom, you sound like a chihuahua..."

"Stop!... Don't go there!... That's not safe!" I repeated in a low booming bark.

"Mom, stop it!" He wasn't amused.

These boys have no fear of heights or rushing icy water.

I had no problem with these rocks.

After this stopover, we went on our way. More forests, lakes, and inlets. Nearing the Ucluelet-Tofino junction, we saw a black bear on the roadside.

"A bear!!" we shouted. It was my first time ever to see a bear in the wild. Was I glad to be inside the van. Too bad I wasn't ready with a camera.

The sight of a bear was a clear reminder that we were in black bear country. If one could be seen walking where vehicles passed by, what about the forest trails that we planned to hike? Please, no bears....

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