Saturday, August 16, 2008

A night at a backpackers' hostel

My preferred choice of accommodation in Ucluelet was a hostel. I thought about tenting, but been there, done that. I wanted a little comfort, after all this was a vacation even though a short one. As one of my blossom buddies, a fellow immigrant from another third world country, said, life back home was already like camping, why do that again here? Hello, blossom buddy, you know who you are.

So I booked an overnight stay at C & N Hostel for 5 people in a dorm room. The hostel was like a big 3-story house with a basement. It had 6 double beds in a room at $25 per bed. Mixed male and female. No shoes allowed anywhere to keep the wooden floors clean and quiet. No free breakfast, but there was a fully equipped kitchen in the basement. Internet at $2 per 10 minutes.

In front of C & N

For dinner, we had loaf bread, sauteed corned beef and potatoes, luncheon meat, juice and lots of fresh fruits. It sounds simple but still entailed quite a bit of preparation and presentation. Other guests ate sandwiches and ramen. I felt we could have made our meal simpler.

A sign by the kitchen sink said, "Your mother or maid is not here, so wash your own utensils..." Something like that. Didn't apply to my boys. We used so many utensils, it felt so much like home. I didn't want to leave the washing to these boys to make sure things were cleaned and returned properly.

The next morning, while the boys were still sleeping, Bud and I explored the huge hostel property at the back, which faced an inlet. The landscape had so many tall trees and wild bushes. There were many benches, tables and hammocks to match the ambiance. See some pictures below.

View of the hostel from the backyard.

It was drizzling lightly.

Follow the boardwalk to the waterfront.

I think this is the Ucluelet inlet.

That's me just outside the woods behind the hostel. I didn't want to go any further because this animal suddenly appeared.

"A deer!" Bud exclaimed as he waited for a photo op. "Does it attack people?" was my startled reaction. "Of course not!" "What if a bear was staking it out?"

Going back to the hostel, I said, "I like the wildlife except for the wild."

"You are looking for the Garden of Eden," Bud said.

"Exactly... where the lions and the lambs live peacefully together." Or the bear and the deer.

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