Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going to high school

Markus is going to high school next week! Wow, he's a big boy now in a big school, the same one Gabriel is attending, as did Mickey and Gino.

I took the afternoon off yesterday to bring him to his school orientation. On the way, I gave him a bus orientation. Although I'd be dropping him and Gabriel off on my way to work in the morning, they'd be taking the bus home. I was a bit apprehensive.

"You have to go home with Kuya Gabriel for the first few days until you get used to taking the bus," I told Markus.

"I know how to take the bus, Mom. You get on the bus, drop your ticket, and walk to an empty seat," he replied. "And no talking to strangers..."

"Yeah, but you need to know where to get off," I answered back.

"I know where to get off, by Budget Brake," he said, sounding very confident.

"Yeah, but you need to know when to pull the string. You have to do it before the stop," I said.

"I know that, Mom. Just like you do in Seattle," he said.

Yeah, but... yeah, but... yeah, but... I wanted to make sure he was really getting it.

"No skipping classes. You can't go to the mall during class. Go straight home," I stressed.

"I know, Mom," Markus answered.

"You have to be serious with your studies now. You're in high school," I said. "Join a club. Have some extra-curricular activity. Just don't neglect your studies...."

No to drugs... No to gambling... No to fooling around with loose girls...

Yes to good company..
. Yes to good grades... Yes to hard work...

I didn't actually say all these things yesterday, but I might as well throw them in here. After all, Markus has heard them from me before and will be hearing them again many times over.

As Markus steps into Grade 8, I have mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety. But I believe he will transition well and do a great job. MrBlossoms and I are praying regularly about this. Go for it, Markus!!

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