Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally in Ucluelet

We arrived in Ucluelet a little past 2, which was check in at the C & N Hostel. Located along the main road, the hostel was not hard to find. I think nothing would be hard to find in Ucluelet, because there are not a lot of streets there. Ukee is a little town, also known as the cheap sibling of Tofino. According to Hello BC, its population is only 1,487.

Oh yeah, what we found hard to locate was a place to eat. No fastfood centres or familiar restaurants. Tired of eating snack food and not wanting to eat our stock of canned goods, we drove and walked around what looked like the town centre to find a restaurant.

"Is this the town centre?" we asked one another. Looks like it, but the only eating places we saw were a few cafes.

"Mom, we want real food," they boys insisted. No sandwiches, hotdogs or pastries. They wanted real lunch. Gino said he would foot the bill.

There was a big restaurant across our hostel but it was named Delicado. We couldn't get past the name. In Tagalog, that connotes danger.

So we drove off to Tofino, 42 kms away. We were planning to go there that afternoon anyway.

Tofino is a busier town, more shops and structures. More eating places too.

We ate at a restaurant which looked fancy to me. I hesitated to go in because the menu posted outside seemed pricey, but everyone else was getting impatient or hungry or both. So we dined in and ordered different items for each one. Then we ate from each other's plate. Gino didn't seem to mind the bill. I was glad I didn't have to pay it.

After lunch, we checked out a souvenir shop, walked to the marina, and back to the van. It was time to go to the beach!

Next -- Chesterman Beach, great beach and photos.

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