Monday, August 18, 2008

Chesterman, again

After lunch, we brought Gino to a surfing school in Tofino. I think he paid $79 for a three-hour lesson, including rental of the the surfboard and a wetsuit. When I feigned interest in learning to surf, Gabriel and Markus protested.

"No, Mom! You can't do it. You'll only hurt yourself," they said. Why, do you think I'm too old to surf?

"You haven't seen me surf," I said. (And that's because I haven't tried.)

"We've seen you skate. You kept falling every time you stood up," they echoed. Ooh, ouch! ... Ouch!

"It's different on the water," I kept throwing in arguments, for argument's sake. They kept biting.

"No, Mom. Just don't," they said every time.

Gino thought otherwise. He asked me if I wanted to have a surfing lesson too.

"Will I wear a life vest?" I asked.

"No," he said. That settled it for me. I can swim, but I don't like to be out in the ocean without a life vest. Besides, the water was too cold. Okay, the lesson was expensive. You lost me at $79.

After dropping Gino off, we went back to Chesterman Beach. We were excited when the sun came out at 3 pm after a cloudy morning. It was very warm and bright. The sunny forecast proved true though a little late. We thought it would be another false-cast.

Here are some photos taken that afternoon:

Gabriel and Markus spent a long time on the rocks watching the waves or wading in the water.

Eventually, they went waist-deep in the cold water. I read that water temperatures there range from 6-12 degrees.

I strolled on the beach hoping to see Gino among the surfers who came in groups, probably as a class. It was hard to recognize anyone from a distance. I kept looking for someone in dreds. I learned later that they went to a different beach.

I enjoyed walking barefoot on smooth sand. It felt good on the feet. Then I soaked my feet in the water but I didn't last a minute. I went back to our spot. We found a nice one where we laid our picnic mats and spread out the boy's towels on a large log.

That's me.

It was a wonderful afternoon--make that a wonderful day--to enjoy the beauty of God's creation. Ahhh, simple joys...

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