Monday, July 07, 2008

On the streets of San Francisco

I'm back in BC. Now I will blog about our stay in CA...

My sister-in-law and our gracious host, Pat, brought us to San Francisco for a day. It was sunny and very windy and as always, very interesting. This was my third visit to this city by the bay where Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett left their hearts. I was content just to see the Golden Gate again.

Our first stop was the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, which is open two days a week—Tuesday and Saturday. The market offers certified organic produce and flowers from small regional farmers and ranchers. It also sells specialties like breads, cheeses and jams. Check out its website. I enjoyed taking food samples.

The market spills out onto the sidewalk.
Markus, keep an eye out for samples. That's our lunch!!

Checking out some beautifully packaged artisan chocolates
at the Recchiuti Confections, a Parisian-inspired shop inside the arcade. Just two weeks ago, I sampled a piece of chocolate that I realized now came from this shop. I swear I could have eaten a whole boxful!

Lerryblossoms among "freshly-cut, sustainably-grown bouquets
in French flower buckets complemented by a fragrant array
of handmade, farm-grown herb wreaths and decorations..."
according to the Oak Hill Farm of Sonoma website.
Charming! (I meant the flowers.)

Outside, we walked across the plaza to check out shops.

With Gabriel, niece, Isa and Pat.

Lerryblossoms: Wow! These paintings look like pictures!!
Bud: Those are pictures.
Lerryblossoms: Wow! These pictures look like paintings!!

More pictures from The Embarcadero, home to many shops, restaurants and hotels, along San Francisco Bay:

Pat treated us to lunch at The Slanted Door located in the Ferry Building. I didn't know until today while reading its website that it was a modern Vietnamese restaurant that "showcases the abundance of produce as well as ecologically farmed meat, game and poultry found at farms around the San Francisco Bay Area." I should have known by the spring rolls and pho that I ate. Their food was really good!

Loved those shrimps!

Later in the day, we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, a recognizable symbol of San Francisco and California. We went to the viewpoint to enjoy the sights of the city across the ocean, the Alcatraz, and the bridge itself.

Only Gabriel's mohawk hair withstood the wind gusts of Golden Gate. Great gel! (I cut that hair...)

Isa and I decided to walk across the 2.7 km bridge. At first I was concerned if I could do it knowing my fear of heights. We agreed to walk only halfway then walk back. But once on the bridge, there was no turning back for us. We decided to go all the way. I was surprised to have made it without feeling woozy.

Going back to the other side, we met Markus who was sent to call us because we had taken so long walking. Seeing him walking near the rail triggered my fear of heights. I felt my knees buckling. Oh no!! I tried to keep my mind off the bridge. I realized my greater fear is that of my son falling. This was the same feeling I had when Gino and I rode a cable car nine years ago in the Sta. Cruz Boardwalk. I froze!

Stay closer to the road, away from the rail...

It took us about an hour to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. We did it! What a nice way to end the day.

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