Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coming and going

...and going and coming.

Gabriel and Markus are back from California. Yay!! We picked up the two from Seatac airport the other Sunday. They flew in with their cousin who now resides in Seattle. Markus and Gabriel seemed to have grown taller in such a short time!

At Seatac with Joel, Pat's son, a very talented tattoo artist and artisan.

Markus is having fun--at dad!

As Gabriel rested in my mother's apartment, the rest of us went to Seattle Center for an annual food festival. I had never seen so many people in this area. Lots of food, live music and loooong lineups

At the International Fountain. People beat the summer heat.

We'd rather have ice cream... That's Gino in light blue and dreds.

So our home was full again with everyone under one roof.

Then Mickey left for Japan. Wow!! The Land of the Rising Yen! Mickey has been wanting this trip for years. He saved up for it. He has Japanese friends there including our former homestays who will now host him for the next two months.

"Leave me all your contact numbers, addresses, and people you will be staying with," I told him several times. "Scan your passport... Get travel insurance... Be alert... Spend wisely... Be careful with girls..."

Mick has been emailing and sending pics. He is having a blast and eating "delicious Japanese sushi." I wish I were there too!

Be safe, Mick!! See you in two months!

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