Thursday, May 01, 2008

Telemarketers, part 2

LHB, I took your advice! I listened to a phone rep long enough to hear what her telephone company--the one that kept calling our house--had to offer. And only because you said you got a good deal this way--3 cents/minute to anywhere in North America and 14 cents to the Philippines.

Well guess what? I got 2.9 cents to Seattle and 11 cents to the Philippines. My former provider charged 5 cents to Seattle and I don't know how much to the Philippines. I only call to Seattle so I wasn't really interested in finding out more than that.

No hidden fees, no monthly charges.

The only downside is it's not direct dialing. You have to call a local number and follow the instructions from there, just like the way you would use a phone card. Hassle.

Actually, we don't make a good long distance customer. We only make calls to my mother in Seattle, that's it. In a month, I don't even spend more than $5 on long distance calls because sometimes it's my mother who calls me. But this telephone company just wouldn't give up even if I tell them I don't make too many calls.

Thanks to persistence, the said company finally got me to have a no-commitment account activated. Hopefully they will stop calling our house.

About the phone rep who was fortunate to call me at the right time, I think she did the right thing. She did not speak in a fake American accent, just straight English. Did not pretend NOT to know that I was from the Philippines, which was obvious by my family name. Did not beat around the bush. Did not make any small talk about my place of origin.

One of these days I might just use their service. With a little more effort in dialing, I could bring down my long distance costs!


Anonymous said...

Huh? I got direct dial, no hassles about calling a local number. But I had to make a voice-recorded declaration that I was taking them as my long distance provider.

Maybe you could mention my name so I could get a $10 referral fee? :) :)


Anonymous said...

Now you can call your Mom and telebabad on Mother's Day. :)


lerryblossoms said...

oh yeah, we can now telebabad, or i can just go down to seattle!