Monday, February 11, 2008

Villeneuve les Avignon

Villenueve les Avignon is a very charming village across the bridge from Avignon. I think it is also known as Avignon's twin town. Gino and I were reminded of the movie Chocolat as we walked around the village finding the way to Fort Andre. This Gino, he said it wasn't that far. Yeah right, if you zoom in on your camera. But it was an enjoyable walk because of the ancient village feel. He sent me an email later saying, "Mom, I found a short cut. I took you to all the long cuts. Hahaha.."

Here are some lovely shots from Villenueve where cardinals lived in the 14th century.

That's where we are going. Le Fort St. Andre, built in the 14th century to protect the Benedictine abbey and the town of St. Andre.

I liked the architecture.

It didn't feel like you are in the 21st century.

Almost there! We deviated from the asphalt road and hiked up a trail. For a moment I thought the strong winds might blow me downhill.

Then we saw this olive grove. We imagined the Mount of Olives Jesus frequented to pray.

Inside the fort.

Gino. Behind him is Avignon.

It was already dusk when we headed back home. Before we left the village, we bought some French pastry from a store. But no chocolat!


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