Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Paris slide show

Gino, who's in his last few weeks in France, sent me photos he took on his camera. Hot off the internet! I think he's got better shots than I have. He's got more shots of me too. Thanks!

Here's a slide show I created using his photos and mine that we took in Paris on our first day and on the day before I left Paris for Canada. Thanks to Cool site! Great music too.


erika said...

Bonjour Auntie Lerie!

I found the link to your blog from one of Gino's facebook notes!
After reading some of your older posts, I realize how much I miss hanging out with you and the family!

Take care! :)

lerryblossoms said...

Hi Erika! We are just around...Take care yourself.

Lilibeth said...


I was so happy for you - looking at the pictures. Didnt even know you had a haircut !!(pareho na kayo ni katie holmes hehehe).

Ler, i was so excited/enjoyed looking at you .. imagine kung san san ka nagpupunta!!

You must be very proud of gino and so blest having a son like him. Effective ba ang ministry mo??

Thank you for sharing Lerie!


lerryblossoms said...

Thanks Lilibeth!! I had to get a haircut before the trip so no need to blow dry.

I agree! I'm a blessed mom. Ikaw rin naman eh.