Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What not to wear

I thought it was a practical idea to bring a long denim skirt on my trip to Europe next week. It is comfortable, warm and very low maintenance. I can wear it for days and days and just change my top. One pair of jeans, one denim skirt, a pair of black pants and a few long sleeved blouses to mix and match that will all fit into a backpack/roller bag. I'm good to go.

So last Sunday, I went to my favourite thriftshop to get such a skirt. It's only for this short trip and I may never wear it again, why get an expensive one. I spent a long time looking for this one skirt.

After about two hours in the store, I went home with a skirt, tried it on, and walked about to see how it felt. I bumped into Markus and Gabriel in the kitchen.

"Mom, what are you wearing?" they both exclaimed.

"It's a denim skirt," I replied.

"Mom, you're NOT wearing that to Paris, the fashion capital of the world!" Gabriel said.

"But I'm also going to Nimes (pronounced NIM), where denims originated. I will wear denims," I tried to impress the two with something I just heard from Rick Steve's Europe on TV. They couldn't care less.

The two went on and on critiquing the skirt and how I looked in it as if they had seen the show What Not to Wear on cable TV. I can't stand that show, honestly.

"This is an Eddie Bauer," I said.

"Who cares? It's ugly," they replied. "And why is the slit in front? Mom, you're wearing it sideways," they chuckled. Since when did these two become my personal fashion consultants?

"That's the style," I replied back. They went on and on and on until I gave up pretending to know Eddie Bauer -- and style -- and changed to something more familiar.

Knowing that Gabriel and Markus will keep teasing me every time they see me "wearing a skirt sideways", I returned it to the store the very next day. I found another one--a faded black denim skirt also with a slit in front but nicer looking. It fits me better too and it hides dirt better. Perfect for long travel times. Gabriel and Markus have not seen it, and I'm not going to ask their opinion.

I am bringing a pair of black pants just in case some establishments in the "fashion capital of the world" or elsewhere require less casual attire. Other than that, it will be denims all the way for me. After all, I'm going to the place where it came from.

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