Monday, October 29, 2007

All my bags are packed

I'm almost ready to go!

I'm sitting here, blogging away... Excuse me, readers at large, I have to leave a few reminders for my boys. Indulge me...

Hey guys, don't forget --

Gabriel, the thermostat - 63 degrees at bedtime, increase early in the morning to, say, 68 - 69. Turn off when you leave. Wear sweaters or warmer clothes inside the house.

Wear hoodies to school.

Everyone, wash your own plates. Clean up after yourselves.

Do your laundry today!

Everyone, wear a seatbelt in the car. Pleeease! $167 fine for not wearing a seatbelt, remember. And think of the injury risks of not properly wearing one too. Bud, lapbelt!!

Feed the hamsters and Gino's piranha. (I don't need to remind you about this.)

Markus, I'll cut your hair when I come back.

Tuesday is JOLT, Friday is Solid Rock, Sunday is church! No excuses unless you are reeallly not feeling well and not just "i'm not feeling well...".

Budget is for groceries, not junk food. Ok, you can have a bag of chips and a Sprite on a weekend, that's it.

Eat healthier choices in the fridge.

Homework first before Nintendo or computer or TV.

Turn on the light outside the front door at dusk.

Gabriel, your turn to take garbage bins to the curb this week. Markus, you are next week.

Markus, you can have crab and corn soup when dad goes to Superstore or T & T. You get a treat if you help dad carry groceries.

Mick, help prepare your own packed lunch. You too Gabriel and Markus.

Everyone, keep the computer desks neat. Use printer only for homework. Ink is too expensive. If old monitor fails, Gabriel and Markus can use Mick's PC.

Mick, wake up earlier for church or attend Saturday night.

Bud, you know where the car's insurance papers are and spare keys. I'll bring car to shop for oil change and top up when I come back.

Install the door sweep I got from Home Depot.

Remember the fall clean up starts on Nov 2.

I have written down recipes and suggested menu to last for more than a week. Just repeat a dish or two, or do your own. Mac and Cheese or Ramen for quick fix. Or roast chicken which is cheaper and better at Superstore.

Mail cheques I have prepared. World Vision and African Enterprise.

Return Gino's books to Vancouver Public Library.

Expect egg man to deliver a tray on Wednesday. Pay $12.50 for 2 trays including the last one.

I'll teach you guitar when I come back. In the meantime, watch the DVD.

Markus, is your bass amp still charged? Ask your classmate for your bass lesson book he borrowed. Keep practicing.

OK I think these are all my reminders. Lab lab kiss kiss... huggy buggy and cuddle bunny when Mom comes back.

Email Mom!!! Most of all, take care. Go home from school early.

Ahhh... I hope I'm not forgetting anything.

I think I have one last thing I haven't done. Plant tulip bulbs in a pot. Oh I can do that in 2 minutes.

My luggage is ready. I have written down everything that went into my suitcase and carry on. I will just throw in the cream cheese for Gino. That's about it.

My travel and accommodation documents are all in a binder, with maps and web printouts what to see and to do, where to eat on a budget. Oh God, I hope I don't lose anything anything. Pleaase.

And while you are reading this, my family and readers at large, my friends I haven't met, would you say a prayer for health and safety for me, Gino and my boys here.

"You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out," the Bible says, and also the words spoken to me by friends who blessed me. Though I have anxieties, I choose to trust and enjoy!!!

Bon voyage!! See you after two weeks!!

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