Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Herbilicious -- a postscript

Remember the "unidentified growing objects" I was telling you about in my previous blog entry? They are gone. I pulled them all today. It was getting pretty obvious that they were weeds, not edible plants.

Yesterday, while I was watering my garden, my neighbour Katerina, who was walking her dog, stopped by and looked over my 4-foot tall cedar fence.

"Oh, you have ve-GEH-tah-bles!" she exclaimed in her thick Ukrainian accent upon seeing my beans, tomatoes, herbs and broccoli. She seemed impressed.

Katerina has a green thumb. She has a nice front garden with flower pots, trellis, some landscaping too. As she stood outside my fence looking in, I quietly hoped she wouldn't notice the weeds planted in four pots and two planters. She might wonder, Arrre those weeds? Do my neighbourrrs frrrom the Philippines eat them?! Is this a culturrral thing? Strrange! I could almost hear her lovely rrrolling rrrrr's.

So today, I pulled out those weeds-I-once-called-peppers from all over the place before anyone else saw them. I admit, I felt a tinge of disappointment.

Oh well... life isn't always a bed of rosemaries.

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