Sunday, July 08, 2007

Once again - part 3

(This is the last in a series of stories on our church camp.)

After an aborted trek to the waterfall, we gathered under our big tent for a worship service. I sang with the praise team. Then I also sang a solo number, a Tagalog rendition of the song Once Again by Matt Redman. I just tweaked the lyrics I wrote last year.

This being my third time to be asked to sing before this group, I was less nervous. Besides, people there had been very supportive in the past. Last December at our Christmas party, I blundered through the song, Kumukutikutitap, bumubusibusilak... I never once got that line right! But the audience was forgiving.

This time, I did not feel as nervous. Besides, I found courage in the thought that my voice is something that God gave to me. Can't take the credit for it. Must not apologize for it. All I can do is to develop and use whatever I was given. So I stood there, mic in hand, and gave it all I got. Bud said, Good job!

The service went well. A brother gave his testimony of how he came to Christ from a Muslim background. It is always encouraging to hear people's faith journey. One day I will share mine...

Lunch was potluck BBQ and then some. I forgot to thaw my bags of marinated chicken so I kept them for dinner. Anyway, there was always was enough food for everybody.

There was a break after lunch. I slept. Bud, still bothered by abdominal pain, fell asleep, too. When I woke up, the games had started. I wasn't really planning to join the games because my right arm had been bothering me for the last few weeks. But I had fun cheering for the Green Team.

Go green team!! They won a prize!

We had another BBQ dinner later. However, we were not able to stay for the worship service and bonfire because we wanted to go home before dark. We left camp at past 7pm. Some campers were leaving that night too. The rest were leaving the next day.

It was a fun weekend, except for Bud's tummy ache, which by the way, has been treated. My boys wanted to stay until Monday, but I registered for one night only, the reason being when I was planning for camp, they did not even want to go. So I settled for a compromise. And now they felt bad about leaving early?

"Mom, can you buy me a bass guitar?" Gabriel asked as we were leaving. "I want to join the worship team next year. Next time choose faster songs."

I don't know about the bass guitar, but I think having young people in the worship team is a good suggestion. Or they can form their own band and lead the singing at certain times. I would imagine a lot of rocking. This shouldn't be as difficult for us adults as following them up a rocky mountain trail.

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