Monday, July 16, 2007

Come Saturday morning

Last Saturday, I woke up late, had my devotions, then lingered in bed. It was almost 10 am when I went down to the dining room. My boys were already up and Bud had gone to downtown Vancouver. I prepared breakfast, or rather, brunch.

I decided to eat on the patio. The weather was nice and cool. The view outside was refreshing. I loved looking at the tall trees in our backyard with my planter of blooming marigolds at the foreground.

“I’m going outside with my plate and my cup of tea and my recipe book that I want to read in PEACE," I told Markus who was already there. "Bring your plate out here, too,” I told him. I forgot that Markus and peace don’t often go together.

Markus, acting threatened by a spider, started shaking it off a plastic chair and making a lot of noise in the process.

“That's eentsy weentsy. Just grab it,” I said.

As I put down my plate on the patio table, I casually said grace. “God, thank you for this beautiful morning and for my wonderful breakfast and for my nice cup of tea..." and teasing Markus, I added, "and for Markus bugging me.”

As I took my first bite, something landed on the floor with a thump.

“AAAAck!” I screamed. Looking up, I quickly realized that Gabriel had thrown my stuffed toy dog from my bedroom window. He and Markus started laughing.

“Mom, that's an ugly face. AAAAck!” Markus imitated my knee-jerk reaction.

“Ahhh, you two!!” I said, half-amused. You are lucky I'm in a good mood or it would have been uglier.

Occasionally glancing around me just in case one of these boys was creeping up from behind me or from under the table, I cautiously continued with my breakfast. True enough, someone had crawled under the deck floor to scare me a second time. Naah, I wasn’t to be fooled this time.

After Markus and Gabriel had left me alone, I finally enjoyed some peace and quiet. I savoured the moment. Except for the sound of vehicles on the street not too far away and the occasional noise coming from the auto shop at Canadian Tire, the surrounding was very calming. I loved it.

Come Saturday morning... We’ll Saturday spend till the end of the day… Thus goes a song. I was totally in a Saturday mood. How wonderful!

Yay!!! Just five more days to Saturday!!!

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