Friday, June 08, 2007


A few months ago, we moved all our home computers to our den in the basement. The den has since become an office, study room and computer game room combined. As expected, the boys hang out there very often.

Our den is directly below the kitchen where I, on the other hand, spend long periods of time. Because I often find it inconvenient to go downstairs to call the boys up, I instituted an easier way of communicating to the boys down under--I tap my foot on the kitchen floor.

“You are tap-tap-tap, tap-tap-tap,” I told Gabriel at the beginning of our code-tapping. “It’s like jingle bells, jingle bells,” I sang in monotone. “Markus, yours is tap ta-ta-tap-tap, tap tap,” which I sometimes alternate with a happy birthday ta-ta-tap tap, tap tap to Markus’s confusion.

“Mom, why don’t you just tap once for Kuya Gino, twice for Kuya Mickey, three times for Kuya Gabriel and four for me?” Markus suggested.

“Oh that’s okay. I don’t need to call Gino and Mickey that often anyway, only the two of you,” I replied.

At the start, I had to tap my foot then yell out their names.

Tap-tap-tap, tap-tap-tap. “GABRIEEEL!” … Tap ta-ta-tap-tap, tap tap. “MARKUUUS!”

“Mom, you don’t have to shout,” they would respond.

“I’ve been tapping. You’re not answering. I don’t know if you’re wearing headphones.”

Nowadays, everyone seems to have gotten the hang of it. I tap a code once or twice and the person addressed comes up. Or I hear a faint, “I’m coming, Mom” or “Just wait, Mom”. I tap more lightly, too, and yell a lot less. That is, if I get a quick response.

An intercom would be a nice thing to have in our house. But for now, I’ll use my wireless tap-tap-tapping.

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