Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let’s hear it for Dionne!

Last Friday, I had a chance to hear Dionne Warwick--live! A couple, our friends, offered to give us their tickets after learning they had a more important function to attend that same night. Of course, I was thrilled to accept! I love Dionne Warwick’s songs and style of singing. I grew up hearing and singing her music.

Bud and I were not disappointed. Twice, I stood for standing ovation. I clapped, I screamed with the crowd. I wished I knew how to whistle with my fingers. I didn’t, so I just yelled, Woohoooo!!! Dionne told the audience at the beginning to sit back, relax and enjoy what she had prepared. Sing along, move… I did all of that. Now I can say I sang live with Dionne Warwick, never mind if we were rows of chairs apart.

Dionne still had that beautiful and powerful alto although it seemed she was holding back on the high notes sometimes. Maybe she was preserving her voice to last her through the evening, or maybe age was catching up on her voice, or maybe she had been singing quite a lot on this world tour. I didn’t mind. I still loved her performance.

I felt very nostalgic to hear songs like, A House Is Not A Home, Alfie, Do You Know the Way to San Jose, This Girl's In Love With You, I Say A Little Prayer, Walk On By, You’ll Never Get to Heaven (If You Break My Heart)…There were two songs that I probably enjoyed most: I’ll Never Love This Way Again and That’s What Friends Are For, her last number. I just had to sing with her during these two numbers without disturbing the lady beside me.

The lighting effects were great especially when the mirror ball started spinning, filling the auditorium with twinkling coloured lights. Okay, this made me dizzy, but I am willing to overlook that.

After the concert, I felt really good. I felt even better because we got to see Dionne Warwick for free in a nice show theatre! I was singing on the way home up till the next day or days.

The next time we have karaoke at home, I will definitely sing Dionne’s songs. Never mind if we are voices apart.

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