Saturday, April 21, 2007


The other night, I was pranked by Gabriel and Markus at dinnertime. I drank vinegar in a Sprite bottle. Guess what, I became as sour as the vinegar I drank. In fact, I blew my top.

What happened was, Mickey asked if there was still any Sprite left from the previous night. Gabriel willingly took it out from the fridge and set the bottle near my plate. Quite thirsty, I poured about half a glass and took a gulp.

"EEwww!" I shrieked as the liquid traveled through my esophagus all the way to my stomach. I dashed to the kitchen and drank two glasses of warm water. I have a history of stomach ulcer and acidity. Combine that with hypochondria and what have you got?

"You don't do that! That is so not funny! You think that's funny? That is so not safe. If it's ingested, it's not safe! Are you trying to kill me? Whose idea was that? yak yak yak" I delivered a paranoid rant.

"Mom, that wasn't for you," the two boys said.

"Well, be thankful I drank it first!" I said. If it was either Mickey or Gino, I could have been refereeing and yakking afterwards. Unless the older brothers could take a prank like that.

The following morning, after I had stewed and simmered down just like our nilaga, I apologized to the pranksters while driving them to school. "I'm sorry for losing my temper last night," I said with a stern voice. "I don't like pranks unless it's a good prank... You be careful who you play pranks on. Especially not loners like Cho..." I heard a grunt from Gabriel.

"What? I'm not telling you a wrong thing," I said. I sensed it was the wrong timing. I kept quiet. We all did.

When I came home that afternoon, everyone's mood had changed. We were back to our chatty selves again and teasing and laughing about the vinger prank. Mickey and Gino were laughing about it too.

"Mom, do you like Sprite?" Gabriel asked. "Dad will buy Sprite. We are making amends."

"Well, do I hear a sorry?" I replied. I didn't really care for Sprite because I am not a big pop drinker. Just the same, Bud bought a bottle of Sprite along with chips and popcorn. I think the guys were just looking for an excuse to have junk food as I am not big on junk food either.

"I want only good pranks," I announced in the living room. "A good prank is when I get better than I expected," I repeated what I was telling Gabriel and Markus in the car. "For example, it's my birthday and you pretend to forget then I come home to a surprise party... Or I say I want a ring, then I get a necklace too..." Okay, I just re-defined the word prank.

"I think Mom is hinting," Bud said.

Maybe. But when I say I don't like pranks, my family knows now that I mean it.

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