Monday, April 09, 2007

At home in Seattle

We spent last Easter weekend in Seattle. Too bad Gino and Mickey couldn't join us to visit their Lola, my mother. I always enjoy being with my mother. We have a good laugh about old times, my boys, shallow comedies...chatter, chatter, chatter... My father is always part of our conversations.

We also talk about make-up, trinkets and other girlie stuff. I get to dig through her collection of costume jewelry and take some home. She has a lot cosmetic items too, more than I ever care to have. Her cabinets are full of clothes and accessories. I usually take a few items from those too. It's nice to be around another woman in the house for a change.

For an 81-year-old widow, she is doing well. My father passed away in 2004 and though they were inseparable when he was alive, my mom has adjusted to living on her own, surrounded by other seniors during the day time. "Mas malakas talaga tayong mga babae," she tells me, meaning we, women, are stronger than men emotionally. We rebound more quickly.

I have a sister in Seattle too who lives in the same apartment building with her hubby Ed as my mom. Their two sons live in the unit opposite theirs, the reason being there can only be two residents in one unit.

When my family visits Seattle, we stay and sleep at my mother's place on the 7th floor, dine at my sister's on the fourth floor, and surf the Net at my nephews'. We watch TV in all their three homes. Between the six of them, they have five TV sets. In spite of that, we, the guests, often find ourselves squabbling over TV shows. They have better cable TV programs, it seems, and we like to watch different things at the same time in the same room.

At my mother's one-bedroom apartment, I always get to sleep on the couch. "I call the couch!!" I yell upon entering her house. My boys sleep on the floor. They aren't very happy with that arrangement, but hey, who's to argue with the only female in the family? But last Sunday, I gave up the couch to Bud because he was the one driving back to BC.

My mother's apartment has a nice view. I enjoy looking out her window to watch the skyline and the pigeons and the people and traffic below. Or I imagine what's going on at Safeco baseball field or Qwest football field. Sometimes I just check the time on the large clock at the Union Station across the street. More clocks at the King Street Station on the other side.

From the room with a view

At night, I usually hear a loony yelling nonsense on the streets. Once in a while I see policemen apprehending someone on the sidewalk. Just like a scene from Law and DisOrder. I hear sirens several times a day. What an interesting area!

Seattle Center is one of my favourite places to visit. For the first time we went up the Space Needle, thanks to complimentary tickets from my sister. At $15 per adult and $7 per youth, that would have cost me $44 US. No, thanks. I have fear of heights. But I won't refuse a free opportunity...

The Space Needle

View from the top

Looking through a telescope at the viewing deck.

Here are more pics from Seattle Center...

Guess who Markus is imitating.

Yep, that's me!

Markus is bursting at the seams.

Gabriel is looking cool! Or hot...

Dwarfed by a giant fence

Walking to Experience Music Project.
The Monorail passes through it.

Me, outside EMP that's unlike any other structure that I've seen. It has none!

I feel at home in Seattle. Sure, it's got its charm on me, but it's not just about the city. It's more about family and memories we have collected there together--my parents, my siblings and their families, and my own. And more so, in Seattle, I can be a child again -- literally.

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Es Ye said...

Dear Leriblossoms,

So true about amassing beautiful memories with the people that you love. The smiles on your faces say the most and the imprint left in the hearts and the minds of those you've visited are likely similar. I love Seattle for the diverse arts and cityscape.

Thanks for sharing the memories.