Saturday, March 03, 2007


Last year, I wrote about my desire to do some girlie stuff, you know, creative things ladies do with their hands, like sewing, knitting, jewelry making, etc. I know this has not been one of my talents nor interests, but I have been increasingly having a desire to do something different, a new hobby. I tried sewing last summer and recycling old T-shirts using techniques I saw on Martha Stewart's website. Last month, I joined a papercraft workshop at our church.

My first workshop session was called Watercolour Wonders handled by two ladies from the Stampin' Up company. Early on, I could feel my hands and fingers struggle with working with little materials and cutting and glueing. I was reminded of my art classes in grade school that I did not really excel in. But this time, I was determined to keep at it. I was able to do two cards including the one below during the first workshop:

Not bad for a novice

I liked the watercolouring part, which is something I might do more of when my work table is set up in the basement. Bud thinks I should have my own table for my sewing and craftmaking in the den. Good idea! That would give me something to do while waiting for the laundry in the adjacent room.

My other workshop was on stamping techniques, and these were my creations:

I'm beginning to enjoy this!

A third workshop was on journalling techniques, which did not interest me that much because I don't journal with photos except here in my blog. I don't even want to think about putting or organizing our hundreds of photos into albums. Too overwhelming. How much less do I want to write about them? I will need months or years to get our photos organized in albums. Add that to my list of Things To Do When I Retire. For now, photos will remain in boxes.

My last workshop was on Basic Cardmaking. By this time, I could already feel the stress on my stiffening hands. I was beginning to feel really out of my comfort zone, not to say incompetent. I was not learning and working as fast as I could in the the 1-hr-30-min sessions for each workshop. I wished I was painting walls instead, or using the screwdriver. No, you gotta learn some girlie projects! I encouraged myself.

Finally, I was able to finish more cards. Nice! Gave me a sense of accomplishment. I can do this!!

I learned how to do dry embossing and colouring with chalk.

At the end of the 1.5 day workshop, I finished 6 cards using different techniques. It helped to have sample cards to imitate and instructors to learn from. I think I will start doing more cards.

Now that I have ideas on cardmaking, I just need to learn cardgiving. Real ones, not ecards.

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