Sunday, February 04, 2007


Last night, I went to bed about midnight after falling asleep on the couch then doing a little "Interneting". Upstairs, I found Markus sleeping on the floor in the hallway to the bedrooms. It was as if he had camped out with a blankie and a pillow. Did he perhaps sleepwalk? Or is this some kind of protest against the establishment? Then I found the following note beside him:

Aaahhh. Isn’t that priceless? It sounded like a protest, all right, in the same manner he tells me quite often, "I need a hug!" or "Mom did not hug me yet." A sweet protest.

“I want to hug Mommy forever,” Markus told me in the kitchen not too long ago as he gave me a tight squeeze.



lhb said...

Hi Mrs. Blossoms,

Happy Valentine's! Give your Bud and the boys hugs. It's the perfect gift - it does not pollute, it's cheap, it makes you feel good and it does not add clutter to the house. :) About it being habit-forming, I don't know about that.

lerryblossoms said...

unfortunately, i'm down with a nasty cough and cold. can't do much hugging but yes, i'm a very hugging person. markus was just o-a :-)

lhb said...

Sometimes being a little o-a is the most effective way to get what you want. :)

I remember when I had to move to the city, leaving my Dad in the province to go to high school, I missed sleeping beside my Dad and using his arm for a pillow. That was when I was already in high school.

I told my daughters that they will never be too big for a hug. Nowadays, they get a little embarassed for hugs so a little playful tap or squeeze on the head would suffice when I catch them vegging out in front of a DVD.

There's something nasty going on around here also. A lot of patients and visitors to hospitals catch some form of gastro-enteritis. In church, we have stopped holding hands during the Lord's Prayer. No more handshakes, hugs and kisses during the Rite of Peace.

I hope you're feeling better. It's Valentine's Day!

lerryblossoms said...

yes, i realize that the hugging period will soon be gone. i do relish this time when the younger ones say "cuddle bunny!" and "huggy buggy!" gabriel is almost past that age though at times he still likes to snuggle. it's getting harder to hug him though coz he's almost as tall as I am.

i'm feeling much better and back to work. i might have passed the bug to markus. too hard to avoid hugging esp with him...