Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back from Edmonton

I finally had an opportunity to travel out of BC to another part of Canada -- Edmonton, Alberta. I volunteered to represent my department at the Edmonton Missions Fest last weekend. Fortunately, my office sent me. Send me anywhere for free!

Going there, our departure was delayed due to a snowstorm in Calgary where we were scheduled to stop over. The flight from Calgary to Edmonton was delayed again as the plane was de-iced and washed by a huge and powerful shower. All in all, I must have been sitting for about 8 hours. It was a good thing I brought an interesting book and an iPod.

It was -9 and snowing in Edmonton when I arrived at 10pm. I was prepared for the biting cold.

North Saskatchewan River is frozen.

Seeing my friend Beth at the airport was like a breath of warm air. It was so good to see her again after her family moved from BC last summer. This was an unexpected reunion. I stayed at her house in Edmonton.

Beth, her children and me. My very gracious hosts. (Not shown is Bert, Beth's hubby).

Their sixth floor apartment had a nice view of Edmonton. The landscape looked so vast. Not a mountain in sight.

View from my bedroom at daybreak.

On Friday, Beth and I drove to a commercial area called South Edmonton Common. When we chanced upon a Nike outlet store, we decided to check it out. I had planned to get two pairs of rubber shoes for Gino and myself to replace our worn-out ones. Tax in Alberta is just 6% compared to 13% in BC. I could save some. I was very happy with my purchases. Good Nike shoes for the price of Payless!

After lunch, I started my shift at Missions Fest. Beth drove me to the Shaw Conference Centre at downtown where it was taking place just across Canada place and overlooking North Saskatchewan River.

Shaw Conference Center on Jasper Avenue

The next day, I was scheduled to man our booth for seven hours with a three-hour break in between. I enjoyed meeting and greeting people. I got to chat with some.

During the break, I decided to walk around the area and find some place to sit and rest my tired feet. I walked on the Pedway that connects buildings below and above ground. You don’t need to walk out in the cold. I found myself at Citadel Theatre which had a lovely atrium. I decided to find a quiet corner and sat on a bench. Lovely!

An indoor garden at the Citadel Theatre

Before my next shift, I decided to walk around on the street and look at the buildings in the area. It being Saturday, most everything was closed and few people were out on the streets.

Walking back to Shaw, I started to feel the penetrating cold. Brrr... I had to feel my cheeks if they were falling off. I paced hurriedly back inside the building. My cheeks and nose turned red.

When I was done working at 7pm, a friend, Moneta, treated me and Beth to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. Yummy! I met Moneta at our Whistler conference last summer. We were at the same team in Amazing Race.

Sunday, I went to a Filipino church with Beth and her family. After lunch, Beth’s daughter, Bea, toured me around West Edmonton Mall, the largest in North America. I just had to see that. I was very impressed. I wished I had my boys with me. They will love this place, especially Galaxyland and Amusement Park.

Called the Mindbender, this is "the world's largest indoor high speed, triple loop roller coaster." It is too dizzying even to watch.

I enjoyed looking at the Waterpark. Looks like a real tropical beach that smells of chlorine.

The 5-acre indoor waterpark. The world's largest indoor wave pool that offers more than 20 water activities including bungee jumping. Look at that slide!

The trip back to BC was uneventful. I was glad to be away for a weekend but also happy to find my family intact.

Thank you Beth and family and Moneta!! I will see you again. You too West Edmonton Mall!!


Anonymous said...


ang ganda ng kwento! para akong nagbabasa ng komiks hahahaha
talaga, very nice blog! i wish i can make one for myself and write as good as you, as well....
you are always welcome lerie!!

lerryblossoms said...

thanks to you i have good stories to blog about. enjoy talaga!!