Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Had I not blogged last week about some of my goals this year, I would have broken a so-called resolution within the first week of 2007. Accountability works! Actually, I was, and am, more concerned about what my boys will say to me if they found out I had gone shopping just a day after writing that blog. Mom, you said you won’t be buying anything new!

But this time of year is one of the best times to go shopping here. Christmas sale. Boxing sale. Yearend sale. New Year sale. Clearance sale. Warehouse sale. Sidewalk sale. Sale, sale, sale. There’s a sale everywhere. There are great deals out there. I bought a good printer on sale from Best Buy on Boxing Day (December 26). I bought a few more Boxing Day sale items from Wal-Mart and American Eagle.

Then I made a resolution.

Back at work after the New Year, a friend invited me to go with her to Sears. First, I said yes. Then, I said no. Then I said yes. I vacillated. I did not want to tempt myself into buying sale things I did not need. But then I thought I might find a good pair of runners for Gabriel. I won’t be buying for me, I rationalized. And so I went.

Oh boy, were there ever so many cheap buys! Oh, this shoe feels so good on my foot!… Oh, these are good pillows… This shirt and matching cap will fit Markus. These tights will keep my legs warm…I struggled hard to keep my hands in my pocket, or should I say, out of it. My head prevailed.

On Sunday, another friend was telling me about very good sale items at Guildford. Three tops for $10! …75% at a close-out sale! I was very close to going, even just to look around. But can I really go and just look around? Why bother?

I am not a shopaholic. Normally, I can just window-shop. But when stores drop their prices and sell some products at a loss to attract customers and minimize inventory costs, I can do a bit of impulse buying too.

With all the determination I could muster, I decided not to visit the mall. 50% off is still 50% money coming out of your pocket. You are not saving 50%. You are spending 50%. Unless the purchase is really needed or expected, it is an expense at 50% of the regular price, which was probably jacked up in the first place. This is one lesson I learned from the Good Sense budgeting seminar I attended at our church.

I think it's time to make a budget and stick to it.


lhb said...

Hi Mrs. Blossoms,

Happy New Year! and congratulations for keeping your resolve. Can I get you to talk to my wife? :) I am still cleaning out my garage of junk that we have accumulated over many years, things that seemed to be such good buys at the time. Now, I'm throwing them away, sometimes still in their original packaging, because we never really had any use for them. All they did was clutter up our lives!

Today, my wife would usually ask to go to the mall "just for a walk". Just for a walk soon turns to window shopping and then buying things for the "apo". Ay!! how many sleepers does he need? He has already outgrown so many pajamas and coats because he gets so many from the great aunts.

This past Christmas, I think I was finally able to get through to my daughters. For many years, everytime they asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I always answered - "Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Man!". To which they'd answer, "Dad, you're such a killjoy!" :) :)

This past Christmas, my wife and I got tickets to movies and gift coupons to restaurants. At least, those won't clutter up the house. Once they're used, there won't be much of a trace left; well, maybe except for my bulging gut. :)

Keep it up! Soon, you'll be that much closer to that trip you're saving up for. Bon voyage!

lerryblossoms said...

No, don't throw the junk away! Hold a garage sale.

Next time your daughters ask what you want for Christmas, try saying more "apos". Then you'll have use for the extra sleepers. Works out!

LHB said...

We're only allowed two specific weekends in summer for garage sales. Before, people were abusing garage sales, using them as a pretext for private sales when in truth they were doing the sales as a regular business. The church does one in the spring. It's just too much trouble - tagging everything and sitting whole day under the sun waiting for buyers.

I'd be in trouble if I asked for more apos. The younger one is not yet married! :) The older may have already complied - even before I asked! :) Coming soon to my blog ...

lhb said...

Hi Mrs. Blossoms,
More on re-cycling - I brought a whole bunch of old PC's, laptops and a printer to a PC recycling center yesterday. I asked if anybody could help me unload my van. Nobody wanted to help. Ang susuplado pa!

Today, I tried to give away my daughter's figure skates at a Figure Skating Club. The guy at the counter fingered the leather boot and probably felt it was not of good enough quality. He declined. Bastos, na-insulto pa ako! :) :)

How're you doing with the "no-buying new" campaign? You gave us a terrific idea. We haven't bought anything at all since New Year's either. Especially now that we used the movie gift coupons to see "Blood Diamond", no jewelry either.

lerryblossoms said...

no, i haven't bought anything except groceries. whenever i feel tempted to get something, i ask myself, can i put off the purchase for another day? can i do without it? do i have something similar? are there unused stuff at home that will serve the same purpose? most of the time, i don't buy the item.

LHB said...

I forgot to tell you how the "sleeper" incident started. My daughter said, "Mom, I need a new sleeper for Nathan."

My wife said, "But, your mother-in-law just sent you a pair from Calgary!"

"Mom, those are slippers she sent!"

:) :) :)